Today we’d like you to meet Lizzie and Isiah, the couple behind the great blog, $10,000 Wedding. Without further ado:

Who are you / What’s your story?
My fiancé, Isaiah, and I are a couple of Chicago transplants who landed in Texas. Isaiah and I met at karaoke in our hometown of Aurora, Illinois when we were both in bands and big-headed. I moved to Texas and he to Las Vegas and we talked on the phone for 6-7 hours a day and became best friends. We moved around a bit, trying to land in the same spot. Isaiah’s a graphic designer, rocker-extraordinaire and imported-beer-connoisseur. I’m a PR student who dabbles in design, photography and music. Now we’re about a year away from the beginning of the rest of our lives and we’re in the midst of making all of the tough decisions.

Why did you start $10,000 Wedding?
We started out looking to plan a $10,000 wedding in the Windy City. We created a little blog to catalog our journey and connect with other couples in the same situation. Little did we know how amazing the wedding-blog-community is and how much information is out there. We haven’t bought a single wedding book, magazine, or anything of the like because of it. It’s been such a creative and community-oriented catalyst for us.

What can brides find at $10,000 Wedding?
One thing a bride can definitely find at $10k Wedding is a list of out-of-the-ordinary, inexpensive Chicago venues. We tend to steer away from the typical magazine-style wedding blog, because there are already plenty of couples and girls out there doing it marvelously. (Not to mention, it doesn’t fit our style, necessarily). We post anything we think a couple on a budget could benefit from knowing about and our general journey until the day of.

What makes you different from other wedding blogs?
Our blog’s not all style and trends. It’s about the part after the “I do’s” too. The wedding, we hope, is the smallest day in our future. We also focus alot on design, paperie and various invitation styles. We recently launched our first Etsy shop – ctrlP. We just wanted to do our part to help couples stay on budget and to offer some seriously non-traditional style invitation suites for those kick-ass couples out there. The blog’s kind of a whirlwind of all of these things, but it’s that way because we are too. And what good’s a wedding blog if not honest and transparent about the journey?

Do you have any advice for other brides planning their weddings?
Like any budget-wedding, come to terms with what’s most important to you. Join the wedding-blogger community, if not as a writer, at least as a reader to see what’s out there. It might blow your mind-hole.

Anything else in particular you’d like our audience to know about you and $10,000 Wedding?
We offer Template Thursdays every week, where we post free templates for download. From table numbers, to bookmarks and thank you cards, every Thursday you get a freebie. We also love to feature interesting photographs and favorite photographers because we both love photography. We are planning our second giveaway from ctrlP on the blog, which will start on October 1st, so any couples who are still in need of invitations, stop on by. As a last benefit to readers, our blog is connected with some amazing individuals and fellow bloggers, both on their way to the aisle and reminiscing on their day and their marriage.

Thanks to Lizzie & Isiah for sharing with us. Be sure to check out their blog $10,000 Wedding and their Etsy shop, CTRL P!

You can also follow Lizzie on Twitter: @TenThouBride and like CTRL P on Facebook.

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