Most engaged brides don’t have the luxury of a a personal stylist to dress them for their engagement session, but never fear, our photographers are here! Need ideas for engagement photo outfits? We’ve compiled the top tips from our experts so that you have everything you need to know for what to wear for engagement photos.

In general, bring along a variety of outfits and/or props to your engagement shoot.

“A good engagement photographer will look over your outfits and make some suggestions about what will work well for the shoot. They’ll also let you change outfits a few times to give your images some variety, and to give you more to choose from later!”

Fritz Photography

What to wear for engagement photos from Medcalf Photography

What to Wear for Engagement Photos: 6 Tips from SnapKnot Photography Experts:

1. Avoid white outfits (or, what not to wear for engagement photos!)

“It reflects light and the details may be lost.” –  Veronica and Jim Warnock of 2now1 Photography

“Avoid solid white clothing, which may become overexposed in the image (but some white — e.g. under another garment, accessories — is OK.)” – Phillip of Blume Photography

2. Stick to solids.

“It’s up to you, but just so ya know — most people who choose big bold patterns, graphic t-shirts, sweat pants, or flip-flops live to regret it.” – Phillip of Blume Photography

Pick solids over prints; although some prints may look great. Sometimes a print can be distracting and take away from the couple.” – Joanna Moss Photography

3. Be comfortable with what you wear for your engagement photos.

“Be prepared to walk around. As photographers we like to meander sometimes to find the best light, so don’t hesitate to pack a pair of sandals to walk around in until we find that perfect spot to take your photos.” – Nicole of Medcalf Photography

“Ultimately you want to make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing otherwise you’ll look stiff and uncomfortable in your photographs.” – Joanna Moss PhotographyWhat to wear for engagement photos from 2now1 Photography4. What’s the deal with colors?

“Avoid bright oranges and reds…unless you like looking orange or red in your images.” – Veronica and Jim Warnock of 2now1 Photography

“Too much red or pink will look dull in black and white photographs, and too much solid black may blend into the shadows. Rich colors and textures work great, though. Accessories like scarves, hats, fringe, and knitted items are great too.” – Phillip of Blume Photography

“Be one with color- nice bright and rich colors will pop in your photos.”Joanna Moss Photography

5. To match or not to match?

“Co-ordinate your outfit with your fiancé, but don’t match,” Joanna Moss Photography

“When you are picking outfits for your engagement session, you don’t always have to match. Try outfits that coordinate well, or that feature your wedding colors or themes, and avoid stripes or distracting logos. When you hang your engagement photographs next to your wedding ones, they will look cohesive if they follow the same color scheme.” Kristin Griffin Photography

6. Be you when thinking about what to wear for engagement photos

“Are you casual most of the time or do you like dressing up? Pick engagement photo outfits that again, reflect who you are. Have fun by incorporating your favorite sports team, school, etc. into your choice of clothes.” – Veronica and Jim Warnock of 2now1 Photography

Avoid trends; you don’t want to look back at your photos in 10 years and say “What was I thinking” But most importantly just be yourself. You’ll love those photos best,” Joanna Moss Photography

“Since our goal is to make your portraits as stylish and professionally artistic as possible. The best way to coordinate with the shooting location is simply to present the best version of yourself. Mostly, just show up ready to have fun!” – Phillip of Blume Photography

What to wear for engagement photos from Medcalf PhotographyThere you have it! What to wear for engagement photos, straight from our expert wedding and engagement photographers.

A fun final tip on what to wear for engagement photos from Josh Fisher Photography:

“Call a local university and talk to a professor that teaches fashion design. See if one of their students would be willing to help coordinate you and your soon-to-be’s outfits. Again.. Little details add up! Wearing the right belt, boots, earrings and other jewelry can have a big impact on the look of your photos. Most of the time they need to build their portfolio so it is free.”

Photo credit: Medcalf Photography and 2now1 Photography.

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