Wedding floral arrangements can bring sophistication, beauty and fun to any marriage celebration. They can help to bring out the couple’s personality and are a great way to show your unique side to your guests. Searching for and finding wedding floral arrangement ideas before meeting with your florist is a great idea.  You can then bring those specific ideas to the florist who can then take your vision and make it a reality.

When you are on a budget, the flowers at your wedding may seem like an afterthought best left up to someone else, but truth be told, creating your own garden-style floral designs can be a great opportunity to tell a story, express yourself and, best of all, save some money!

CreativeLive is offering a video class with Kiana Underwood, a floral stylist, with a focus on “Creating Meaningful Wedding Flowers, Boutiques and Centerpieces” on April 22-23, 2014. In the class, she will provide wedding floral arrangements and inspiration for your wedding day.

Kiana says “I love helping brides create their own designs. Many of them have so many great ideas and a natural flare for making something truly special. All they need are a few tips to get them going!”

Beautiful Bouquets

A bouquet is something that every guests at your wedding will see, and what your husband will first see you holding as you begin walking down the isle to your new beginning. So it needs to be perfect!

And don’t forget the flower girl! Everyone always loves to see the adorable little girl during the ceremony. Make sure while everyone is looking at her, she has a beautiful basket of flowers to carry. Here are a few bouquet  wedding floral arrangements from Kiana.

wedding floral arrangements, CreativeLive wedding floral arrangements, CreativeLive

wedding floral arrangements, CreativeLive

wedding floral arrangements, CreativeLive

Wedding Floral Arrangements for Centerpieces

Flowers can be a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. Arches, flowers along the walkway, as well as the centerpieces on the tables will showcase the uniqueness and beauty of your wedding day. Here are a few of Kiana’s beautiful centerpieces and wedding floral arrangements.

wedding floral arrangements, CreativeLivewedding floral arrangements, CreativeLivewedding floral arrangements, CreativeLive

Now that you have seen some beautiful examples of Kiana’s work, she has a few basic tips to share on how to get started on your own DIY flowers.

Flowers first, vessel second: It is much easier to find a vase that will compliment your flowers than to hunt for the flowers that will match a particular vase. Pick the scents and colors that you want first, and then find the vase or other vessel that works for your budget and style.

Pick a versatile vase: To create a beautiful garden centerpiece that works with a variety of blooms, your best bet is a pedestal vessel; pedestal vases show off the flowers so much more beautifully and allow for a natural look.

Give as much thought to the foliage you choose as you would flowers: Beautiful complimentary foliage can do wonders for a design. Try to use the actual greens from the flowers; they can add so much color and lushness, without adding to the cost.

Start with the foliage: Once you have picked the greenery that’s right for you, create a base within which you can place your flowers. Vines in a pedestal vase are always so beautiful. Allow for the flower’s natural form to express itself within the design leaving them to their natural shapes and bends without doing too much to manipulate their look.

Don’t overdo it: Sometimes simplicity is the greatest form of beauty. While you’re arranging, don’t forget to take a step back and examine your flower design before you add too many flowers everywhere.

Walk around: Ensure that your centerpiece looks beautiful from all angles. Sure, it looks lovely from where you’ll be standing, but what about from the other angles your photographer might use? Give your design a full walk-around to get an idea of where all the flowers are falling.

Kiara says “While it does take some advance planning, even a bride who isn’t a flower pro can design their own beautiful centerpieces and other floral arrangements, which look lovely on the big day and for years to come. Plus, when you have done it yourself, you know your design really matches your exact bridal style.”

The CreativeLive video class with Kiana is for those brides who want to create their wedding floral arrangements on their own, florists who want to be inspired and think outside the box as well as the family of the bride. Kiana has a passion for creating beautiful wedding floral arrangements and it shows in the video preview below.

Be sure to join the class “Create Meaningful Wedding Flowers, Bouquets and Centerpieces” with Kiana Underwood on April 22 and 23 by CreativeLive. You can also check out our post on 12 Unique Wedding Bouquets and pin from our Wedding Bouquets + Florals Pinterest board!

Do you have any creative wedding floral arrangements that you would like to share? Comment below, we would love to hear your ideas!

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