Wedding receptions are a perfect opportunity to spend quality time (and to make some special memories) with all of the family and friends of the bride and groom. It is a great place to showcase the happy newlyweds and have some fun after the ceremony and all the craziness and stress that comes along with the entire wedding planning process.

Wedding receptions can be so much fun to plan out, because there are so many different themes with any type of decor you can imagine… and that decor is a great way to let the personalities of the bride and groom shine through. When planning a reception, you must take into consideration a variety of details from the table settings and arrangements to the guestbook, and as a bride and groom, you really have full control over what they want.

Wedding photographers will help capture all of the unforgettable moments, and even the moments the bride and groom did not have a chance to see throughout the wonderful event! And if you still have not found your perfect photographer, we have local photographers all over the county on SnapKnot to help you out.

We have chosen a few unique wedding reception ideas that we love to get you thinking about great ideas for your own. There are so many wonderful ideas that can inspire you to think outside of the box and plan your perfect wedding reception!

Unique Table Arrangements And Decorations

unique wedding reception ideas, Alders Photography

Photo Credit: Alders Photography

unique wedding reception ideas, Deep Grey Photography

Photo Credit: Deep Grey Photography

unique wedding reception ideas, Lovisa Photo

Photo Credit: Lovisa Photo

Non-Traditional Guest Book Ideas

unique wedding reception ideas, Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

unique wedding reception ideas, Ruettgers Photography

Photo Credit: Ruettgers Photography

DIY Cardholder 

Place Activities Or A Quick Note At Each Table Setting For Guests

unique wedding reception ideas, Blueberry Photography

Photo Credit: Blueberry Photography

Personalize Table Numbers

unique wedding reception ideas, Eric Chen Photography

Photo Credit: Eric Chen Photography

Fun Signage 

Fun Ways To Entertain Guests

unique wedding reception ideas, Studio 29 Photography

Photo Credit: Studio 29 Photography

Have Some Fun At The End of The Reception With Your Guests

If you are looking for unique wedding reception ideas to help personalize your wedding , these are some great ideas to get you started to make your day special and showcase your personalities! We hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as we did!

If you loved these fun and unique ideas, be sure to take a look at these wedding ceremony ideas for some ways to make your ceremony just as special as your reception!

Are you looking for more wedding reception ideas? Check out these other DIY reception ideas to help you out on your search!

Make sure your wedding photographer captures all of these must have wedding photos throughout your busy day!


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