Having an engagement photo session is very popular among engaged couples. They allow couples to take photos from a special moment in their lives that they can keep forever. The photos can also be used to announce the couple’s engagement or when it comes time to send out an official wedding date to guests.

With engagement sessions being so common today, it is important for a couple to hold a photo session that is unique to them as a couple or that shows off a unique location in their town. The most fun and sweet engagement photo sessions come from the couples who are not afraid to be themselves and let their personality shine through. After all, these (and your wedding photography) are the photos are the ones you will be looking back on for years to come.

Here at SnapKnot, we love a good engagement photo session, and we have come to find that we go crazy over the sessions that feature unique engagement photo locations! In this post, we are going to share with you some of our favorite locations we have spotted, from at home engagement sessions to carnival-themed sessions.

We hope you love these unique engagement photo locations we found as much as we do!

At Home Engagement Photo Sessions

At home engagement photo sessions can be adorable, as they show off who the couple is when they are at home together.

College Campus

Whether you and your significant other met at college or are both alumni of the same university, college campus engagement photo sessions are a fun blast from the past.

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Disney World

If you and your significant other are huge Disney fans, why not have a fun Disney World engagement photo session?

unique engagement photo locations, Stout Photography
Credit: Stout Photography

Ice Castles 

A SnapKnot member, Sam Heldman, of Sam Heldman Photography, had the opportunity to shoot an amazing engagement photo session at the Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Here is what Sam had to say about the couple and their location:

“Amy and Darrell introduced me to the beautiful Ice Castles in Minnesota that are made up of over 15,000 large icicles that are hand placed by a team of volunteers. After the sun goes down, the Ice Castles light up with bright, bold colors, and music plays over hidden speakers everywhere! What a romantic, icy maze!”

Here are the stunning photos from the couple’s romantic evening session:

Sam Heldman Photography

Sam Heldman Photography

Sam Heldman Photography

Picnic Engagement Photo Session

Picnic engagement photo sessions can be so much fun.

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Sports Stadium

Perhaps you both love sports or have a favorite sports team, and if so, do not hesitate on attempting to get your engagement photo session shot in your favorite sports stadium.

Carnival/Theme Park

Having a carnival or theme park engagement session can be amazing if you are a fun-loving couple.

We hope you loved these unique engagement photo locations as much as we love them!

With the winter season sneaking up on us, don’t miss out on these snowy engagement photos!

If you are recently engaged and awaiting an upcoming engagement photo session, check out these engagement session tips from photographers!

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