Our Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips guest post on the Nordstrom Wedding Suite‘s blog was so well received by the bridal community that it gave us an idea- why not share more of the wealth? We were astounded at the amazing insights that our photographers shared with us and know there is a lot more where it all came from.

Thus, we are on a quest to compile and organize as much advice as we can from our photographers in order to give brides a clear, informative resource that they can use while planning their wedding. We can’t help with your flower arrangements or your seating charts, but we’ve got your wedding photography covered. That’s got to count for something, right?

To whet your appetite for what’s to come, we have shared our top 10 wedding photography tips. Enjoy this little teaser and rest assured that more (much more) wedding photography wisdom is on its way!Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips | Daniel Aaron Sprague1. “If photography is in the top 3 of your most important vendors, look online for a photographer and DON’T even glance at their pricing yet. Pretend you have no budget and JUST view their work. Then, select 3 photographers whose work you LOVE. After they’re chosen, go back and look at what they charge. You may be go into shock, or be delightfully surprised.”

Trish Hadley

2. “Look for someone that meshes with your personality.  When a client and I share much of the same personality and interests, the wedding day goes that much smoother, because it becomes a much more intimate affair rather than just a business transaction.  Meeting in person or even just on Skype is a great way to get a feel for the photographer.  If the meeting is awkward and forced, you can bet it will be that way on your wedding day and the same is true for if you feel comfortable during the meeting.”

Daniel Aaron Sprague 

3. “Compare packages not prices.  One photographer may have a package that has a price you like, but then you discover that you have to pay extra for an album or prints or the proofs.  Look at the big picture.  A larger package may save you money in the long run if it includes invitations or thank you notes or albums. Do remember that the price advertised may not tell the whole story.”

Deborah Hurd PhotographyTop 10 Wedding Photography Tips | Patrick Hadley Photography4. “Communicate your ideas and preferences to the photographer. Your photos are a permanent record of the biggest day of your life – make them special.  Discuss with your photographer portrait locations that are meaningful to you such as your first-date restaurant, the park that he proposed to you at, other memorable locales.  Consider using meaningful props, such as an important letter from your fiancé or your wedding invitation.  Be creative – have fun!”

Angelica Roberts

5. “Formals: To see, or not to see?  If possible, arrange to have your formal photos taken prior to the ceremony {formally called a “first look”}.  Getting these out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with your guests.  You can then also go straight to cocktail hour and catch up with family and friends, and have a piece-of-mind knowing that all of your formal photos are done with!  It’s a new age, so it’s no longer considered “bad luck” for the groom to see his bride before the wedding.”

Sean Michael

6. “Know your sun – When planning your ceremony and reception times, do a quick look-up for sunset times that day.  Obviously, we’ll have lighting to shoot whatever and whenever, but if you specifically want bright, daylight pictures, be sure to plan your schedule accordingly.”

Steve Hronek

7. “Have your maid of honor stick with you during your photo session, she needs a kit of touch up lipstick/gloss, blotting papers, and hairspray. Depending on your look other touch up items may be necessary! This will assist you in receiving the very best look throughout the day.”

Casie Raines

Top 10 Wedding Photography Tips | Daniel Aaron Sprague8. “We all have an Uncle Bob. Ask your wedding party in advance to be mindful of looking directly at the photographer during the group photos regardless of what wedding guests are snapping photos all around them. This ensures fabulous group shots where everyone is looking at the camera, while still allowing “Uncle Bob” to shoot his little heart out.”

Kimberly Sauvageau

9. “If children are in attendance, give them something to do. A craft, bubbles, outdoor games. Not only will they be happier, but these images are priceless.”

Carson Jones

10. “Have a planned exit. Having an organized “send-off” from the reception gives family and friends an opportunity to see the couple. Whether you have sparklers or just a line of well-wishers, it often makes for great photos.”

Rich Burkhart

These bits of advice are great, but keep in mind that they are just our top ten wedding photography tips. We have a lot more up our sleeve and can’t wait to share more specific industry insights with you! (Think engagement photo ideas, how to find your wedding photography style, and more.)

The lovely photography examples in this post are compliments of Patrick Hadley Photography and Daniel Aaron Sprague.

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