Winter weddings can be stunning. The cold weather can allow for some cozy reception and ceremony decor and beautiful deep colors. And then of course there is the snow. A blanket of snow makes everything look so peaceful and can make for some amazing winter weddings.

We found a great article on BuzzFeed with some awesome snowy winter wedding photos. Here are a few of our favorites from the article we wanted to share with you!

We hope you enjoy these amazing winter weddings as much as we do!

Be sure to take some photos with the snow falling around you!

amazing winter weddings, Rebecca Hollis

Photo credit: Rebecca Hollis

This is such a gorgeous photo on the snowy streets of New York City!

The snow fall in the dark is so beautiful and peaceful.

Do you want to build a snowman?

This is such a happy bride who loves the snow falling!

amazing winter weddings, Orange Girl

Photo credit: Orange Girl

This couple decided to say “I do” on the slopes!

And this couple wanted to go ice skating!

amazing winter weddings, James Christianson

Photo credit: James Christianson

What a gorgeous view of the snowy mountains in the distance!

This bridal party joined the bride and groom for some great snowy wedding photos!

Paper Antler

Photo credit: Paper Antler

What a fun idea to have a snow ball fight?!?

We hope you have enjoyed these snowy winter wedding photos! Be sure to see all the rest in the original BuzzFeed article. Did you love these? Here are a few other snowy wedding photos you must see!

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