16 Ideas For Wedding Cakes With Fresh Flowers

We love wedding cakes and they are such a beautiful addition to any wedding reception! The wedding cake table is a great focal point of the day so many brides want to make their wedding cake stand out. The best way to create a glamorous cake that all your guests will remember is to decorate it with fresh flowers and we wanted to share some beautiful ideas that we found on FTD.

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10 Wedding Cake Trends You Will See In 2017

If you are still deciding what type of wedding cake you both want on your special day, you need to take a look at these 10 wedding cake trends you will most likely come across this year. Glasgow-based luxury wedding cake designers Rosewood Cakes shared with Wedding & Wedding Flowers their most requested cake designs for the coming year. You will see some that are nature inspired as well as neutral tones, simple beauty, foodie-inspired and sensational luxe.

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Wedding Cake Trends From The Early 1900s To Today

What is not to love about a beautiful and delicious wedding cake?!? They are such a fun and traditional part of a wedding day.  From the cake cutting and toast that takes place during the reception, the wedding cake can be a focal point of the room and can incorporate flowers or a specific theme that you are having for your wedding. Just like other parts of the wedding, such as a dress  or decor, wedding cake trends have changed over the years.

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11 Unique Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is a traditional part of most weddings. During the ceremony, the bride and groom will cut the cake and enjoy feeding the first piece to each other – and sometimes even smashing it in each others faces! Some choose to have a traditional wedding cake while others come up with unique wedding cakes that others would never think of!

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Really Awesome Themed Wedding Cakes

A theme is the very starting point on how to pick out all the details that go into planning a wedding! One of those details is the wedding cake! Everyone loves getting a look at the cake because this is where you are able to let your creativity go wild. You could have a traditional cake that is nothing short of gorgeous or you could have something unique – a really amazing themed cake. Anything you could ever imagine can be designed just for you and made into the cake of your dreams! We found some amazing ones and had to share these awesome themed wedding cakes to you today!

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Projection Mapping of Disney Wedding Cakes

Have you dreamed of having your wedding in Disney World? It is the most magical place on earth for kids and adults of all ages so a Disney wedding would be nothing but amazing. From the beautiful venues around the world to the magical feeling you get when you take your first step into the Magic Kingdom (or any other one of the Disney parks), your wedding would be nothing but stunning. You can even have amazing Disney wedding cakes and not to mention, your wedding photography would be so beautiful.

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Wacky Wedding Cake Ideas

We found these super fun wacky wedding cake ideas on The Knot and just had to share them.

Many of you will remember how great Super Mario Bros. was back in the 80’s… You just had to get to the end to save that princess! If you were a lover of the video game, why not make a wedding cake in the Mario theme?

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