Barbados Day After Session by Amanda McMahon

If you checked out the post from yesterday , you will notice that Hope and Tom have a Day After session, and I am so excited to show you these.  The day after their wedding, we got up around 7am to shoot since it gets very hot there, very fast. We walked all over the resort to get some awesome portraits and here you have it: This is my favorite…just loooove it. I would say to Hope and Tom, to get a canvas of this, but they already did, and it looks fantastic! So gorgeous… ahhhhh, and I love these…I almost got washed up by a wave, but it was totally worth it! and these two…so many favorites! Luckily the water was warm, and there werent too many waves because I was in 4 feet of water…..look at them go though! SO awesome! xoxoxo Amanda

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Ireland Travel Photography by Derek and Anna

So, here we are at the end of a busy and successful wedding season and our first season of working together. We’re really looking forward to the next! :) With things winding down recently, we decided to pack our camera gear and head to Derek’s birthplace, Ireland and what surprised us most when we got there was the +18C summer-like weather… Highly unusual for Ireland in the middle of October! We flew into Dublin and hung around the city and county for a few days taking in the beautiful scenery, visiting relatives and of course, a walking tour of the Guinness brewery. Then, we headed out on a road trip to the west coast to Galway and spent the evening taking in the local festivities and live traditional music. We were walking through the town saw a big crowd gathered and heard some great music coming from a five piece band called Keywest busking in the middle of the street.

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Destination Wedding Tips for Your Guests

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Susan over at Transient Travels recently received an email from her friend Beth and her fiancé Bobby about their upcoming wedding in Mexico. Susan shared the email on her blog, and it’s a great example of a useful list of tips for guests traveling to a destination wedding:

Travel Reminders and Suggestions:

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Win a FREE Luxury Oceanfront Vacation in Beautiful Laguna Beach, California from Surf & Sand Resort and SnapKnot!

surf sand resort

An incomparable, understated yet elegant setting right on the Laguna Beach Coastline, Surf & Sand Resort makes for a memorable getaway – whether you need the relaxation that only a world-class spa could offer or a little romance over wine and ocean views. Thanks to our generous friends at the Resort, this memorable escape could be yours FREE!

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“Aye, aye, I do” – Cruise Weddings Hottest Ceremonies Afloat

Cruise / Wedding

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This recent New York Times article talks about the growing popularity of cruise weddings. More and more couples are getting married at sea – the number has increased a whopping 60% in the last decade, according to the Cruise Lines International Association.

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Best Job in the World? Get Paid for Visiting Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations

Tri Trang Beach, Phuket

Image by Eustaquio Santimano via Flickr

In the “Best Job in the World” category we have a new contestant: Irish travel agency Runaway Bride and Groom is offering one lucky couple the opportunity to travel to various exotic locales around the world for six months from May to November. The couple will visit the most romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations for testing and research purposes. They will have to blog a few times per week and write monthly for the Irish Times, and will receive about $27,000 for their time and trouble – piece of cake!

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