Snowy Engagement Photo Ideas

Engagement season is here and so is winter! While many people may think it best to hold off on engagement pictures until it warms up, they may not think about the magical feeling the outdoors can provide even in this chilly time. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good snow day? It’s a perfect time to put nature’s wonders to use and plan a snowy engagement session. It may be cold, but that’s part of the fun! We found some perfect snowy engagement photo ideas that will warm your heart and make you reconsider waiting until spring.

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This Couple Had A Wedding Day Blizzard But The Photos Were Amazing

With crazy cold temperatures all throughout the country and snow falling in many places, we saw this amazing winter wedding on Huffington Post that we just had to show you! This couple had their ceremony at St. Matthews Church in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, and the reception was held at Normandy Farms in nearby Blue Bell. They ended up having a wedding day blizzard that was just crazy, but the photos were simply stunning and made the cold, wintery weather totally worth it!

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Snowy Winter Wedding Photos

Winter is different in so many places. I you live somewhere where it snows all through the winter months, the snow is such a fun thing to incorporate into your wedding photos. If the temperatures stay a bit milder in your neck of the woods, it is still nice to use the deep hues of wintery colors to create a beautiful winter theme for your wedding day. There are so many different ideas for winter weddings, and here we wanted to showcase some amazing snowy winter wedding photos that we thought would help get you thinking about various ideas if you are planning a winter wedding.

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Engagement Photos in the Snow: Baby Grace Photography

I met Alle for the first time on Saturday. She booked with me some time ago to photograph her wedding in June but we haven’t met in person because she lives in TN. She knew she would be in town the first weekend of December so she asked if I would come out to her parents farm and do some photographs of her whole family and her and Jeremy. I got a little concerned when the forecast called for Snow and Rain. However the results of the beautiful first real snow of the year proved to be magical for the session

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