Boston Wedding Photography Pricing

Boston wedding photography pricing can be an intimidating obstacle during your wedding planning. SnapKnot is the best resource if you are getting married in Boston and want to learn about Boston wedding photography pricing. Wedding photography pricing covers an enormous range, so it is important to both know your budget and know what you want after browsing through our list of Boston wedding photographers. SnapKnot is the best way to browse Boston photographers to hire for your wedding, or if you are a Boston wedding photographer looking to connect with more brides. Brides can create a free account, set their desired budget, and see what style and quality are available within that range of Boston wedding photography pricing.

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Album Design, Pricing and Workflow Tools for Photographers: Fundy Software

If you are a photographer looking to streamline your workflow and maximize profits, you should take a look at what Fundy Software has to offer. Andrew Funderburg and his team have put together a suite of software to help photographers with: photo album design and proofing; workflow and pricing; photo editing and marketing tools.

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Understanding Professional Wedding Photographers’ Costs from Al Ojeda Photography

We got an email from a prospective Bride asking why Wedding Photo Services were so “costly”… I guess she was shopping around and found a variety of pricings from Professionals to Amateurs, not knowing how to difference them, and made her wondered on why such differences… So, we came out with this list of Professional Photographers costs: 1 – Equipment: Professional DSLR Cameras, good quality and variety of lenses, batteries, memory cards, various flashes, Computers, Photoshop or similar software, external hard drives, CDs or DVDs, CDs or DVDs cases, etc. Remember, equipment needs annual maintenance, just like a car and that has additional costs as well. 2 – Websites costs and internet connection 3 – Advertising 4 – Car – gas and maintenance 5 – Insurance 6 – Office supplies (business cards, paper, envelops, printers, ink, etc.) 7 – Mailing costs 8 – Album, prints, proof books 9 – Cell phones And the list goes on an on… Also, the Photographer does not get paid XXXX for X hours of work. The Photographer got paid for X hours of shooting… and a lot more hours of “behind the scene’s” work such as backups, processing, meeting with the couples, traveling, putting up galleries, etc… Finally, the “artistic” view of a Professional Photographer that requires talent, knowledge and experience which is Priceless… Al Ojeda Photography Contact info: – 908 2403240

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