Dynamic, Artsy Wedding Photography: Linked Ring Weddings

We are delighted to welcome Daniel Kennedy and Nicole Traux of Linked Ring Weddings to our list of Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographers. This pair met at the University of Hartford where they both studied photography, and began dating in 2008. In 2009, Linked Ring Weddings was born, and they have been shooting together ever since. The couple considers their specialty to be conceptual, dynamic, and artsy wedding photography, and while they shoot candids for much of the day, they pose couples/set up lighting for a brief period every wedding.

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Light-Hearted Wedding Photographs: Patrick Rogers Photography

Patrick Rogers of Patrick Rogers Photography likes to capture the happy moments of a wedding.  Based out of Massachusetts, Mr. Rogers likes to shoot the giggles and the tears, which make for lifelong wedding memories.

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Capturing Wonderful Wedding Moments: Alicia Schneider Photography

Alicia Schneider is a mom, a country music fan, but most importantly a photographer. Based out of the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Area, Schneider’s motto is capturing life, laughter, and love…forever.

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Feature: Crabapple Photography – Boston, MA

Today we’d like to give you the chance to meet Kate McKenna of Crabapple Photography, a wedding and portrait studio based in lovely Boston, Massachusetts. Kate was nice enough to answer a few of
our questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey there! My name is Kate, and I love my job … it’s hard not to.

Before I took the official plunge into professional photography, I went on a quick detour through the internet world: graphics, programming, marketing —- ulcer.  A few years flew by before it smacked me on the head life is just too short to purposefully waste a moment unhappy. Cheesy? Maybe. But I’m proof you can do anything you put your mind to.

I quit my job, packed my bags and boarded a plane headed to Paris, France.  I spent the next year getting my masters in photography, soaking in the Parisian culture,  hacking the French language and generally putting my priorities in order.  Apparently, my priorities were family, relationships with friends and photography.

After about 7 years living away from my family, I decided to move myself back to the Boston area to be near them and to start a business. I’ve been in Medford, MA for the past 2 years living in my Great Grandparents house,  taking photos, editing photos, retouching photos, falling in love and generally doing what it takes to be happy.

bride groom crabapple photography

Why did you choose to become a photographer?

I choose photography because I’m happiest when I’m taking photos and I’m happiest when I’m dealing with the people in those photos.  It’s not all about me, but in reality, a miserable photographer is not going to take good photos!

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