University of Florida Pictures: A Corinna Hoffman E-Session

I just hit a new record … blogging while I’m up in the air! I’ve been so excited to share these engagement pictures with you guys! Jamie and Adam were so much fun to photo-shoot, and I’m in love with their cuddly doggie, who happens to be named Tebow :) If you can’t tell by the pictures below, both Jamie and Adam are HUGE Gators fans :) I’m so stoked that they wanted to drive all the way to Gainesville and have their session done at University of Florida . We got to see the players practice for a little bit, and I even got to see Urban Myers live in person… okay, I’m digressing.. anyway, it was such a fun experience, and be sure to check out their picture slideshow! Jamie was one of the bridesmaids at Kelly & Nate’s wedding , and I can’t wait to photo-shoot her own wedding in March! Congratulations, you guys!! Special thanks to Adam’s cousin, Emily, for taking us around the stadium and campus for the shots, and also thanks to Adam’s mom for keeping an eye on Tebow :) XOXO –> > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D –> > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D

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Secret Garden Engagement Photos: Sneak Peek from Corinna Hoffman

Florida wedding photographer Corinna Hoffman posted a few really nice images earlier this week – a sneak peek trio of engagement photos of Rachel and Brett. As she and one of her commenters mentioned, this photo especially looks like it’s right out of the film The Secret Garden:

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New York City Anniversary Photos – Corinna Hoffman

It was such a beautiful day in New York City for Angelique and Gerry’s 1-Year Anniversary photo session. I’m so happy that we got together for a photo-shoot while I was in New York last month to visit my family! That Saturday morning happened to be 9/11’s ninth anniversary and there was a big protest happening downtown, Fashion Week just kicked off a couple of blocks away from us, and there was also a big breast cancer awareness marathon happening in Central Park. There’s always 10 billion things going on in the city and the streets always flooding with tourists, yet you can also have a quiet time in certain parts of the city –another reason why I heart New York so much! :) You may remember this beautiful couple from their wedding last year in New York City . Angie wore her send-off dress for the pictures around Central Park, and we went back to their apartment afterward to take more pictures of them in her wedding dress :) What a beautiful couple, and I’m SO happy that I got to photo-shoot them again! Perhaps the next time I photo-shoot them, there will be little Gerry and Angelique running around ;) Enjoy!! XOXO > > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D > > CLICK HERE FOR THEIR FUN SLIDESHOW :-D This was taken right in front of the Plaza Hotel entrance :) I L-O-V-E this!!! TAXI cab driver rocks for letting us do this!


Halee & Michael’s Wedding Sneak Peeks from Corinna Hoffman Photography

It rained all day on this couple’s wedding day, but that didn’t stop them from having fun outside the church for pictures! Stay tuned for their wedding picture slideshow soon and very soon! Congratulations again, Halee & Michael !! Enjoy your Bahamas cruise honeymoon :) XOXO I just love this picture so much of the ring bearer jumping with the guys!

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