5 Steps To Creating a Successful Wedding Budget from Belinda Philleo

There are all kinds of costs associated with planning a wedding. Knowing what you need, but feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start can be maddening. As a one time bride and also as a small business owner, Belinda Philleo of Shots Before Shoots understands the stress of budget planning. She gave us some of her best pointers on planning a successful wedding budget, starting with having a clear plan before you start spending. Here are her top five tips to help you get started:Wedding Budget Planning from Belinda Philleo1. Estimate. The first thing required for successful wedding day budget planning is figuring out how much you can realistically afford. Look at your finances, your savings, etc. If you spend $30,000 on your wedding, how much can you realistically spend each month to pay it off? Are you able to pay it in cash, or would it require you to go into debt? How long will it take to pay it off? Are you willing to commit to paying it back once the wedding is over?

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Understanding Professional Wedding Photographers’ Costs from Al Ojeda Photography

We got an email from a prospective Bride asking why Wedding Photo Services were so “costly”… I guess she was shopping around and found a variety of pricings from Professionals to Amateurs, not knowing how to difference them, and made her wondered on why such differences… So, we came out with this list of Professional Photographers costs: 1 – Equipment: Professional DSLR Cameras, good quality and variety of lenses, batteries, memory cards, various flashes, Computers, Photoshop or similar software, external hard drives, CDs or DVDs, CDs or DVDs cases, etc. Remember, equipment needs annual maintenance, just like a car and that has additional costs as well. 2 – Websites costs and internet connection 3 – Advertising 4 – Car – gas and maintenance 5 – Insurance 6 – Office supplies (business cards, paper, envelops, printers, ink, etc.) 7 – Mailing costs 8 – Album, prints, proof books 9 – Cell phones And the list goes on an on… Also, the Photographer does not get paid XXXX for X hours of work. The Photographer got paid for X hours of shooting… and a lot more hours of “behind the scene’s” work such as backups, processing, meeting with the couples, traveling, putting up galleries, etc… Finally, the “artistic” view of a Professional Photographer that requires talent, knowledge and experience which is Priceless… Al Ojeda Photography Contact info: ida@alojeda.com – 908 2403240

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Windy City Wedding Planning on a Budget: $10,000 Wedding

Today we’d like you to meet Lizzie and Isiah, the couple behind the great blog, $10,000 Wedding. Without further ado:

Who are you / What’s your story?
My fiancé, Isaiah, and I are a couple of Chicago transplants who landed in Texas. Isaiah and I met at karaoke in our hometown of Aurora, Illinois when we were both in bands and big-headed. I moved to Texas and he to Las Vegas and we talked on the phone for 6-7 hours a day and became best friends. We moved around a bit, trying to land in the same spot. Isaiah’s a graphic designer, rocker-extraordinaire and imported-beer-connoisseur. I’m a PR student who dabbles in design, photography and music. Now we’re about a year away from the beginning of the rest of our lives and we’re in the midst of making all of the tough decisions.

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How Much Will Your Wedding Cost? Wedding Cost Calculator:

Yesterday we came across this helpful wedding budget and estimator resource (thanks to Larry Reeves!) for engaged couples planning their wedding and trying to find a wedding cost calculator: costofwedding.com. Cost of Wedding allows brides and grooms to get an idea of the average wedding budget range for a wedding in their ZIP code, and to determine wedding expenses. We know that budget calculations and estimators can be one of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning, so we were delighted when we came across this useful tool that can hopefully help take the stress out of budget planning for couples.

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How to Find a Wedding Photographer Online: The Price Is Right (or Is It?) (Part 3 of 3)

bride groom beach wedding

Photo by Al Ojeda Photography

In this third and final part of our 3-part series “How to Find a Wedding Photographer Online” we discuss how photographers’ pricing and your personal budget affects your search for the perfect wedding photographer.

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Wedding Planning on a Budget with The Budget Savvy Bride

budget savvy bride header

Planning a wedding can be a costly enterprise. That’s why we like resources where couples can find money-saving tips on how to make their big day wonderful, yet affordable. Jessica over at The Budget Savvy Bride does just that – she provides info, ideas, and inspiration for planning a wedding on a budget. Jessica was nice enough to answer a few of our questions. Be sure to pay her a visit!

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