Simple Beach Wedding in California

This week we are showcasing an absolutely stunning beach wedding that took place in California. Zac and Chelsea decided to make their special day unique by only having their closest friends and family members join them on the beach. The couple headed to Corona Del Mar where they said their vows and shared their love.

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Beach Wedding In Riviera Maya

There is nothing better than standing with your toes in the sand while the waves crash at your feet. If you are a lover of all things beach, why not have a fabulous destination beach wedding? There are so many different locations around the world for a destination wedding but today we want to share some amazing photos from this beach wedding in Riviera Maya at the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Resort & Spa.

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Get A Few Ideas From Some of Our Favorite Summer Wedding Photos

Summer is such a wonderful time of year! The warm weather, the gorgeous sun shining… everyone just seems a bit more relaxed during the summer months. It is also a great time for weddings. Whether you choose to have a laid back beach wedding or you still prefer to have a traditional ceremony in a church and a reception in a local venue, summer brings bright, beautiful colors, and so much more! We wanted to show off a compilation of some of our favorite summer wedding photos for you.

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8 Tips To Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task. It is never easy to plan anything if you are not able to physically be there to do it. One good thing is that technology today makes it easy to contact people from anywhere. Since we know that so many people have destination weddings, whether it be in the location you first met while you were in college together, or you want to say “I do” on a beautiful beach somewhere, we put together these 10 tips to planning a destination wedding, that we hope will help you in your planning.

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So Many Wedding Themes – Which One Is Best For You?

Before you begin the endless amounts of planning for your big day, the first thing you must figure out is what type of theme you want your entire wedding to be based on. With so many different wedding themes to choose from, it is important to talk to your fiancé to figure out together which theme you want to go with.

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Wedding Photo Disaster

No matter what you plan out for your wedding, you never know what will happen. Much like the rest of life, things can happen during a wedding, and your wedding photos, that can be totally unpredictable. That is why this wedding photo disaster that we found on BuzzFeed could potentially happen to anyone who wants to have their wedding on the beach, or even just take a few harmless photos next to the ocean.

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DIY Beach Wedding Ideas

White sand, a warm breeze, the sweet sound of waves crashing on the shore — sound like paradise? The answer is ‘yes’! From the idyllic setting to the laidback atmosphere, there’s truly nothing better than a beach wedding! But, the best part about a beautiful seaside celebration? There are so many great (and easy) DIY beach wedding ideas that you can do! It is easy to create an ambience that’s not only adorable, but affordable, as well!

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Montego Bay Wedding Pictures by Kristen Weaver

There once was a photographer from New Jersey…. Who fell in love with a boy in the Air Force… And they realized all they needed was each other… So with a little luck, and a lot of love… They flew to Jamaica to tie the knot… There were lots of drinks… And lots of kisses… And a cute little photographer from Orlando (me, duh)… And they all lived happily ever after. Have a beautiful honeymoon Rachel and Matt.

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