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If you’re in Southern California and you need some help planning your wedding, consider getting in touch with Wendy Ramos of Just Wenderful! We recently connected with Wendy  – learn a bit about her below:

Tell us about what you do.
I’m Wendy from Just Wenderful!  An event planner & coordinator based out of the lovely SoCal.  I love having events come together seamlessly from the design aspects to the coordination on the day of.

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Why did you start Just Wenderful?
I’ve been involved in events for a while until early last year I decided to fly solo under my own business and Just Wenderful emerged!  I work on all kinds of events but weddings are my passion!  I would get married to my husband over and over again Heidi Klum & Seal style!  Helping couples produce their special day always puts a smile on my face.  When the event is a success and my couples have partied their pretty faces off, I know I’ve done my job!

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What can brides find at Just Wenderful?
Brides can find personal, reliable, and an inspirational team.   I also work with Andrea, who has the most perfect aesthetic eye and together we make a pretty superb team!  Every couple wants their day to be special and customized to their personality and their vision: we do that and take it a step further providing the best customer service.  Most of our couples never stop contacting us after the wedding and we love those relationships we’ve built.

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What makes you different from other wedding planners and wedding blogs?
What’s different about us is that I believe we try to not only think outside the box, but we also like to make it fun.  From the planning, to the tasting, to the music, to the time line the day of.  We want the WHOLE experience to be memorable and unforgettable.  We love our couples and we want them to be comfortable and happy from beginning to end.

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Do you have any advice for other brides planning
their weddings?

For any brides planning their wedding, I would advise to not be afraid to be non-traditional.  You want a body-hugging gown instead of a ballroom skirt, do it!  You want an ice cream bar, instead of a traditional cake, I say why not!  Most importantly, ENJOY your day and let those worries fly away because this is only the FIRST day of the rest of your life with the LOVE of your life.

Check out Just Wenderful today!

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