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We’ve been getting great feedback from our photographers recently and wanted to share these SnapKnot reviews in case you are on the fence about upgrading. Here are a couple testimonials from SnapKnot Diamond photographers:

SnapKnot is awesome and I’m glad I found out about it when I did. I’ve gotten lots of hits on my site and several bookings from clients finding me and from your re-tweets and promotions of my work – which is awesome.”

Leo Druker, Diamond Photographer on SnapKnot

“Typically I stay away from online advertising, as in the past I haven’t seen that my investment yielded much of anything. So I was surprised to see how I instantly began experiencing a boost in traffic and inquiries – many brides mentioning right off the bat where they found me. I love the fact that you interact with my business online through Facebook and Twitter…keep up the great work and you’ll have me on your Diamond list for a long, long time!”

Jenna Walcott, Diamond Photographer on SnapKnot

We’ve already booked two weddings through SnapKnot!” (Jan 2012)

Chris + Jenn Photos, Diamond Photographer on SnapKnot

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Heard on Facebook:

Thank you to SnapKnot for the great site…I’m getting lots of traffic to my website through my membership with you! – Carolyn V Photography (Jan 2012)

Heard on Twitter:

Another inquiry from @SnapKnot! Hollaaa! Photogs, if you haven’t already check out @SnapKnot!@ashlytherese

Just booked my first wedding via @SnapKnot ! Looking very forward to the couples October Orlando Wedding!@dswfoto

Just booked my first wedding with a client from @SnapKnot – THANKS GUYS! – @elmkphoto

“Love that I’m seeing @snapknot ads all over the internet! Great wedding resource. Check them out!” –  @Imagopix

@SnapKnot You’re welcome! You have great info, and great services! Updating my photography account this week on your site!

@SnapKnot Snapknot – I think I LOVE you! :) Thanks for the RT!

got our first client inquiry from @SnapKnot yesterday! how exciting!

as of this morning, we’ve gone all in with @SnapKnot! looking forward to seeing how they can help grow our business.@lilacornphoto

thank you @SnapKnot for the wedding referral #fb@devonmichelle

THANK YOU @SnapKnot, another referral!! So grateful for your service :)@devonmichelle

@photobymarirosa welcome to the family…SnapKnot ROCKS!

@SnapKnot you guys are freaking awesome. If anyone hasn’t heard of them check them out!!@montanadennis

Great Photojournalist directory @snapknot, excellent resource!

Find your wedding photographer at @SnapKnot. The easiest to use and most comprehensive directory thus far!!! SRSLY!!

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