Another great SnapKnot camera giveaway has come and gone and a lucky winner has been chosen! Lee Burns with Lee Burns Photography out of Georgia was chosen as our SnapKnot camera giveaway winner and decided that he wanted the Canon 5D Mark III as his grand prize.

The photo below is of Lee, taking a photo with his new Canon! The next is a photo of Lee and his youngest son checking out the box right when he received his prize!



Here is a small bio about Lee and and his photography journey:

“In July of 2010 I bought my wife an engagement ring and since I was spending all that money on her, I also decided to be a little greedy and get something nice for myself. I’d always wanted a nice camera, so that is what I decided to get, specifically a Sony A55. It was shortly after that that I discovered I had a real passion for photography and I started to assimilate knowledge as quickly as I could. I was still working for a large telecom company at the time but I was routinely getting requests from friends and family for photo shoots and soon started getting requests from their friends for paid photo shoots! Time went on and I continued learning, got married, sold the A55 and upgraded my gear, and then I was let go from my job. Thankfully at that point, I already had a decent portfolio and at least a few clients whom I could count on for referrals and so I struck out on my own and haven’t looked back sense.”

The first photo below is of Lee and his fiancé on the day he proposed and revealed to her that he had bought a camera… and a ring! The next photo is of Lee and his son, taken with his very first camera.



What Lee likes to photograph:

“I love to photograph children and families in all stages of life. I especially love the energy of young children and the challenge of trying to capture that energy. I also enjoy giving back to my community and so I do a lot of work for a couple local non-profits. Namely I do a lot of headshot work for the amazingly talented children at the Young Actors Playhouse and I’m also the primary pet photographer for the cat team side of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, plus I help with the dog team occasionally as well.”

It is so great that Lee works with both of these great organizations! Here is a bit more detail about both.

The Young Actors Playhouse is in downtown Marietta, Georgia and they produce a variety of plays and musicals that appeal to new audiences and seasoned theatre-goers. Their production based classes provide an instructional environment in which student work on singing, dancing and acting all within the process of putting on an actual show. Right now, a few upcoming shows include “Hansel and Gretel” and “Hairspray!”

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is a volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing dogs and cats from high-kill shelters in Georgia and operates through a network of foster homes in the metro Atlanta area.

The photo below is of a cat that Angels Among Us has recently rescued and Lee had in his home. The next photo is a shot from the Young Actors Playhouse play “The Song of Winter.”



Lee’s reaction to winning the camera:

“Well for starters, I’m still in shock that I won! I was waiting in car outside of a pet store when I found out I’d won, and when my wife came out I asked her to double check that it was my name listed as the grand prize winner! Beyond that along with photographing families and kids, I have been branching out quite a bit into the world of professional headshots, corporate events, the occasional wedding here and there, and lately I have been involved in a lot of cinematography work with the local indie movie scene.

When I found out I’d won, I started researching both cameras like crazy and what I found was that the majority of reviewers that reviewed the D800 and 5D Mark III head to head always said that they are both great cameras and that you really can’t go wrong with either one. It was the cinematography work I’ve been doing that definitively pushed me to the Canon as it seemed to be the consistent winner in that field. I’m still stoked that I won and we’ve already used the camera to help shoot a couple scenes for a short we’ll be submitting to Project Greenlight!”

The first photo below is his children playing in the lake. The next photo is a “selfie” of Lee and one of the first photos he took with his new camera!



Congrats to Lee! To learn more about our camera giveaway winner, visit Lee’s website at and his facebook page

Here are a few of our past winners:

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