Today we wanted to take a moment to let you know how to save the most on photography equipment by leveraging sale prices PLUS easy cash-back rebates that you can earn on top of already discounted products. How you might ask?

Well look no further than Ebates, which offers nice cash back bonuses on purchases at TON of major retailers as well as photography specific retailers such as Adorama and Canon. So if you’re looking to buy ANYTHING online (including cameras or camera equipment), you should ALWAYS go through Ebates to get extra cash back on whatever you order. It’s pure brilliance!

If you’re interested in going this route, here are some quick instructions for you:


circle1 Create a free Ebates account.


circle2 Once logged in, search for your retailer of choice, and if the rebate is tempting, click on it to be redirected to the retailer’s site.


circle3 Shop as usual and when you check out, pay with your credit card, and then in a day or two look out for a cash back credit on your Ebates statement.  Ebates will then send you a check in the mail once every 3 months as long as your cash back total is at least $5.01. If you are under $5.00 during any given 3 month period then your earned cash back simply rolls over to the next period until it hits $5.01.

The best part is that the Ebates cash back bonus you receive is in addition to any discounts retailers are offering through various sales, coupon or promo codes – so be sure to check your email and regular mail, and you can double dip on your savings. SCORE!!




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