With so many couples trying to make their wedding unique and fun for their guests, there is a lot of pressure to making your wedding unique and different from the norm. Why not try taking fun jumping wedding photos with your wedding party or other guests? That will for sure bring a bit of excitement to the event! These jumping wedding photos show that just by adding a little fun, you can not only capture some amazing wedding photography, but you can have a blast on your big day as well!

Can you imagine? Being in the wedding party with the bride or groom, or even just being at a wedding where the photographer is trying to get everyone to take a jumping wedding photo? What a great time to spend with friends and family… and for sure a time you will not forget! When you go back to look at your wedding photos and see those fun and candid shots, you will have nothing but amazing memories.

In addition, your wedding photographer can assist you in coming up with the perfect poses if you have the desire to do a few fun and silly jumping photos. With all the serious moments in a wedding day, it would be a great idea to include some fun photos that you can look back on as well!

Here are some jumping wedding photos we fell in love with, and we know you will too!

jumping wedding photos, Bobbi + Mike

Credit: Bobbi + Mike


All of these are such fun ideas if you are trying to do some jumping wedding photos on your big day! We hope you got some inspiration from these photos, and be sure to take your ideas to your wedding photographer to help plan out what types of shots you want to get!

We think you will also love these beautiful Dr. Seuss wedding photos! And, be sure to check out these funny wedding photos that would lighten the mood and make your day even more fun!

When it comes to your wedding reception, you are going to love these unique wedding reception ideas that will make your day and night one to remember for everyone!


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