This Race Brook Lodge wedding portrait caught our attention for it’s soft colors and artistic allure. It was carefully crafted by Massachusetts wedding photographer, Meg Haley Photographs and features the lovely Christopher and Alexandrea.

Meg’s general tip for capturing this kind of shot:

“Think about what kind of final look you want for your images so you know how to make it happen. For this image, I knew what I wanted it to look like in the end. So when I was shooting their individual portraits, I posed and positioned them specifically for this end result.”

Race Brook Lodge Wedding PortraitWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: If you want a photographer that might produce an image like this, the first step would be to look at their portfolio and see what kind of images are in it. Photographers almost always display their best work, and work that really speaks to their style, so if it is something they do – it will definitely be up on their website, blog or other portfolio platform. Meg also reminds brides that there is no harm in asking!

“It is also wonderful when my couples are really open and trusting, as it allows me to get images like this one and others that I never would have been able to achieve.”

Photographers: Meg has been experimenting a lot with double exposures lately. For this particular image, she shot the two portraits separately and specifically to put together afterwards in Photoshop.

She explains that this can also be done through the double exposure setting with newer DSLRs. Both ways produce unique and interesting images, but for this type of double portrait she wanted to have more control in the final outcome, so she felt it best to combine the images herself later on.

Loved this artsy Race Brook Lodge wedding portrait? See more of Megs work at Meg Haley Photographs.

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