Pike Place Market in Seattle was the scene of a recent photo shoot by Jennifer Tai. Though we specialize in wedding photography here at SnapKnot, we also love to feature fun sessions that showcase the work of our Premium photographers out and about in their local area. We love that Jennifer arrived to the market bright and early (Pikes Market hours are generally 10:00am – 6:00pm but farmers are often set up and ready to sell by 8:00am) to capture some fun photos from around Pike Place Market, including the famous flying fish and golden pig. Jennifer then finished the day shooting a wonderful birthday party at Maximilien Restaurant. Great work Jennifer!

“I arrived on a gloomy but thankfully dry morning, and breathed in the smells of Pike Place Market. Mornings are my favorite time at ANY market, where things are just beginning. Here, in the tourist epicenter of Seattle, I instantly revert to my tourist persona, snapping pictures like there’s no tomorrow and silly-grinning at the fish-throwing following the boisterous chorus of whatever poor sole (pun intended) is being thrown across the counter at the unfathomably popular Pike Place Fish Market. Shot the following two with film: The Public Market at 9am, where salmon wait their turn to be hurled, bears the aroma of freshly ground coffee  mixed with an eclectic bouquet of fish, fresh flowers and, mmmm, donuts…”

Continue reading this post and see more of Jennifer’s Birthday photos at Pike Place Market.

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P.P.S.  Did you know that Pike Place Market attracts 10 million visitors a year, making it one of Washington state’s most frequently visited destinations?

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