SnapKnot offers our warmest welcome to Philadelphia wedding photographer, Jenna Walcott of Jenna Walcott Photography. She is passionate about capturing all the unforgettable milestones in life that only a photograph can illustrate, which she does impeccably with her unique photojournalist wedding photography.

“I believe life is a series of these kinds of moments – all added up, melted together. And the memories play like a movie reel, frame by frame in our minds. It’s all about making that reel REAL. To capture those moments – make them tangible and live forever so you can hold them in your hand and carry them in your heart – it’s what I’m determined to do.” – Jenna

“I am fortunate to take part in some of the most memorable events in the lives of my clients – saying “yes” when he pops the question, saying “I do” and starting your life together and becoming speechless when a new life makes its way into yours.”

To see more of Jenna Walcott’s photojournalistic wedding photography and to contact her directly, visit her website:

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