In any business, there are many mistakes that you can make… and those mistakes can end up making – or breaking – your company. We found this article on PetaPixel all about photography business mistakes and how you as a photographer can avoid them to help your company prosper.

Here are 5 photography business mistakes that so many business owners make and ways to avoid them!

Mistake #1 – Photographers take the same photos as everyone else. 

Supply and demand is huge here. If you take the same old wedding photos as every single other wedding photographer out there, you will blend in. In today’s photography world, you must stand out from the rest of the crowd. What is every other photographer doing out there today? Find out and then try and do something totally different. We know that is hard to do when many weddings are the same, but think outside of the box and use your creativity to differentiate yourself from all the others out there.

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photography business mistakes

Mistake #2 – Photographers don’t maximize photo opportunities. 

Actually taking the photos is just a small part of your photography business life. You have to process the images as well as do your own marketing, accounting and other office work that takes up so much of your time! So when you are out taking photos, you need to use that time to take the shots you need for everything. Whether you are shooting a destination wedding with an amazing view or an engagement session on a farm, think about everything you use your photos for and try and get every shot you will need.

Of course, you want to take amazing photos for your Clients. You may also really want to submit these photos for a an online blog (just our “Real Weddings”) or you may even want to try to get a particular shot on the cover of a bridal magazine (or an amazing beach shot from the destination wedding on the cover of a travel magazine!)

Use each and every photo session to maximize every photo opportunity you can… it will save you precious time in the end which will help your business significantly.

photography business mistakes

Mistake #3 – Photographers don’t have a business plan in place. 

For any business out there, including photography businesses, it is SO IMPORTANT to have a business plan. It is hard and it is best to be realistic in the plan. In the plan you should be detailed about your goals, include details on the market, analyze your customers and competition, your business costs and your pricing strategy.

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Since this photography business is yours, and there is a chance that you work alone, having a business plan in place will help you to stay focused on your business goals. It will also help you measure all of your success (and we are sure you will have so much success!) and also to evaluate areas that could be improved.

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photography business mistakes

Mistake #4 – Photographers don’t charge enough.

Money is not always the main reason that a photographer becomes a photographer. Many who begin are creative minds who are passionate about capturing a photo that will mean something to them, or to someone else.

Even though money is not the main reason for being a photographer, it does not mean you should undervalue what your work is worth. Many photographers will shoot photos for practically nothing just to get their name out there or to fill their portfolio but that is not always the best way.

For your pricing, you need to factor in your time, travel expenses, equipment, studio (if you have one), computer equipment and software, etc. After all those factors are accounted for, you want to make sure that based on the price you charge, you are making SOME money in the end…. after all, that is what having a business is all about and how you will keep yourself afloat. If you do not charge enough, eventually, your business will fail.

With that said, you do not want to have prices that are too sky high where Clients will pass right over you.

photography business mistakes

Mistake #5 – Photographers struggle with marketing through social media.

Social media is huge. Most everyone today is on some form of social media. Brides love announcing their engagement to all their friends and family on Facebook. They post “selfies” of them with their engagement ring on Instagram for all to see. And they even create “My Dream Wedding” boards on Pinterest to get awesome ideas and inspiration.

In today’s world, social media is one of the best ways to get your name out there and find customers. It is SO important to maintain social media pages for your company, and to post regularly on each of them. Even just posting a photo a day, or updates on photo shoots you are doing will keep your followers seeing your work. It is also great practice to comment on other people’s photos and posts.

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Social media is FREE marketing for you, and it is HUGE… you do not want to miss out on that opportunity to promote your business. Be sure to read our post on Instagram tips for photographers!

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photography business mistakes

We hope that none of you make these photography business mistakes but if you do, it is never to late to change up your business plan and try and get on the right path for your business.

It is also great to maximize any services you use… are you a SnapKnot member? Here is a refresher you can read all about SnapKnot membership tips.

Do you have any other great photography business tips that work great for you? We would love to hear in the comments below! 

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