A winter wedding is nothing short of beautiful. And there are is so much you can do to make it amazing! From a holiday themed wedding, to the possibility of having snow during your special day, the possibilities are endless! So, what are the best colors for a winter wedding? What are those colors that will look simply stunning in your wedding photography? We have pulled together some of our favorite colors that would look amazing during any winter weather wedding!

When most people think about the winter, you think of bright, bold colors. Here are the bold shades we think are perfect for a winter wedding!


Red is such a passionate color that represents love and is perfect for that winter wedding. You could even tie in red (or different shades of red – such a burgundy) to a holiday themed wedding.

colors for a winter wedding, Vienna Glenn

Photo credit: Vienna Glenn

colors for a winter wedding, Josh Elliott Studios

Photo credit: Josh Elliott Studios

Navy Blue

Navy blue looks very elegant… it could be a wonderful color for an evening, winter wedding. And in our opinion, navy blue pairs wonderfully with red flowers and decor. Here are some of the

colors for a winter wedding, Leia Fae Photography

Photo credit: Leia Fae Photography


Green is such an AMAZING color for a wedding. A beautiful emerald green can look so elegant, and even fits well into the holiday season. You can pair the green with beautiful white flowers and decor, or even add a little red or gold to it!


You can not go wrong with black. Black is such a sleek color and you can pair any color flower to it as an accent. Having black decor and colors at your wedding can be such a timeless and elegant event. Be sure to check out this post with other great black and white wedding ideas.

Wedding Photographers

Neutral colors used during your wedding create a romantic, soft feel. You can pair neutral colors with so many different color accents to make your colors really pop! Here are a few examples below.


If you love the look of black but want to go a bit softer, think about grey as a possibility. We love these photos below that show that you can rock grey at any wedding!

Photo credit: Art+Life Photography

Photo credit: Art+Life Photography


Ivory is such a romantic color. It can pair well with pinks as well as darker colors of your choice. Many ivory dresses can also look great with gold accents… what a beautiful wedding that would be!

Photo credit: Braedon Photography

Photo credit: Braedon Photography

Photo credit: Steven Joseph Photography

Photo credit: Steven Joseph Photography


White brings a certain elegance and romantic feel along with it. A white wedding is nothing but wonderful and traditional. You can create such a serene and soft feel with this neutral color.

Photo credit: Modwedding.com

Photo credit: Modwedding.com

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If you need some other wedding inspiration, be sure to check out all of our real weddings, to get some great ideas from real brides, just like you! Also, be sure to follow SnapKnot on Pinterest to get some other awesome ideas!

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