This elegant outdoor wedding of Suneela and Chris took place at The Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley, California. The photos were taken by Lori Paladino, one of many San Francisco wedding photographers featured on SnapKnot. It looks like it was a wonderful event, with lots of smiling friends and family captured in the great outdoor light of Northern California. Suneela and Chris look perfectly happy and content in
these photos:

outdoor art club wedding mill valley lori paladino california

About the wedding day, Lori says:

“Suneela & Chris both grew up in Marin, and in fact, began dating in high school. (For those of you that have been following my blogposts this season, that is the 2nd couple this summer who met & started dating in high school, to be married this summer. I’ll be posting about a 3rd couple with the same history soon!!!! SOOOOO sweet!) Suneela & Chris have been living back east while Suneela finished law school, and it was important to them to incorporate the things they love about Northern California into their wedding day. As such, their wedding was full of natural beauty with lots of trees and wonderful color. I had so much fun photographing their wedding day…

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Click the grid of images below to watch the slideshow of Suneela and Chris’ wedding photos:

Outdoor Art Club Wedding Photography Slideshow

See more from Lori Paladino on SnapKnot and visit her website:

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