Ben of Chernivsky Weddings took this starry night wedding portrait of Inga and Kevin at their incredible Woodruff, Wisconsin union. The couple chose to tie the knot at a place called Franklin’s Coon Lodge, which Chernivsky compares to a delightful summer camp, secluded next to e a beautiful lake. One would never guess the mysterious elements involved in achieving this spectacular photo:

The beginning of the day was foggy, overcast, and rain began falling right as the pair said “I do”. The power went out during the reception and they had to eat by candle light. Not long after, the setting sun burst through the clearing clouds, the power returned, and the evening sky cleared.

“I think this is the magic of a wedding day and photography – the unexpected shot. That morning I would have never expected a clear sky full of summer stars. But that’s what we got, and it ended up being one of Inga and Kevin’s favorites. That star-scape is now sitting on a 60-inch canvas above their bed.”

Starry Night Wedding Portrait from Chernivsky WeddingsWant to re-enact this shot?

Brides: Hire an artist who is adventurous and doesn’t stop searching for the right shot, and go along with their ideas; if you really trust your photographer that you’ve hired, then trust their process too. The more you ask of them the less they’re able to do what you hired them to do.

Photographers: Some of the best images can come from the most unexpected moments – don’t stop creating those truly unique photographs just because the schedule says the photo session is over. Chernivsky used a 24mm Sigma lens on his Nikon D3 along with a Manfrotto 561BHDV fluid monopod to complete this incredible starry night wedding portrait.

View more of his work by visiting Chernivsky Weddings.  

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