The pictures say it all. Florida wedding photographer Kristen Weaver, was recently lucky enough to travel to Jamaica to photograph a beautiful wedding in Montego Bay. The Montego Bay pictures look so fun and romantic, and we especially love the picture of the wedding party jumping into the water from the dock…

“There once was a photographer from New Jersey…. Who fell in love with a boy in the Air Force… And they realized all they needed was each other… So with a little luck, and a lot of love… They flew to Jamaica to tie the knot… There were lots of drinks… And lots of kisses… And a cute little photographer from Orlando (me, duh)… And they all lived happily ever after. Have a beautiful honeymoon Rachel and Matt.””

Montego Bay Picture: wedding party

Don’t miss the rest of the Montego Bay pictures from Rachel and Matt’s wedding over at Kristen’s blog.

Also don’t forget to check out Kristen on SnapKnot!

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