We are very excited to introduce Sarah Kossuch of Sarah Kossuch Photography to our list of Rochester, Michigan wedding photographers. This mother of four enjoys laughing, singing while she edits, and above all, taking fresh, modern wedding photos.

Find out how this fun photographer’s dreams brought her to where she
is today:
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Tell us a bit about yourself.
So here I am, Sarah!
I am a mom of four, yes I know, four children! I am a full time student, a full time photographer and a full time wife (well at least I think I am – ha!)

I love laughing, if there’s anything I love the most in this world it is happiness and above all, laughter. It happens to be the icing on the cake for me.

I love laughing at jokes and quite often you’ll see me laughing the hardest at my own jokes while others just sit and stare. But, there goes that laughter I was talking about! I used to think dreams where just that, dreams. I have found that in the last couple of years dreams are reality.

Photography is a dream come true for me. I enjoy every moment from the time I speak to a client to delivering their products and finally having a future friend. A friend dear to me who cares about the love behind their precious photographic memories. When I edit, Pandora radio must be blasting. Did I mention I dreamed of being a singer growing up? I don’t believe very many people know this, it was my closet dream – ha! So instead of being on stage, I belt out tunes while in my favorite place, editing.

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Why did you choose to become a photographer?
I have had this dream since shortly after graduating high school. There I was trying to find who I was, knowing full well I loved photography…except…I was on an 18-year-old budget. It was never easy for me to start a photography business. Basically one day, my amazing husband, who knew how much of a dream this was says to me “just do it, go for your dreams!” We spent a majority of what we had in our account, purchased my first DSLR and that’s exactly what I’m doing, going after my dream!

How long have you been a photographer?
I am now in my second year of business and loving every second of it!

How would you classify your style of photography?

I have a fresh, modern and unique style with a twist of vintage.

Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?
My influences are photographers world wide who share the same idea of wedding and portrait photography as I do. And what is even better is actually meeting them in person! I feel like I’m meeting a celebrity in my eyes!
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What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?

I am a natural light lovin’ Nikon girl. My main camera is the Nikon D3s and my backup is the Nikon D700. I encourage every bride and groom to use as much natural ight as possible and then we’ll change it up adding some off camera flash in the evening setting the mood. *swoon*

What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?
Do not just choose a photographer because they are in your budget. Make sure you click well with your photographer! There’s nothing worse then having an unpersonable photographer, yuck! The BEST way in my opinion is to meet up for a cup of joe. There’s never any obligation for that. Talk with this person. Remember this is the person capturing the most memorable moments of your life and these images will last a lifetime!

Any fun personal facts we should know about you?
Hmmm a fun personal fact? AH-ha! I am BIG on having coffee first thing in the morning. Without it, I am lost. I will bump into walls, not speak correctly until I’ve had at least two cups. I will admit, one time I woke up, prepared the coffee maker and as I’m pouring what I thought was coffee I realized I was pouring a cup of creamer. OOPS!

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Anything else to add about yourself, the wedding industry, photography, brides, grooms, etc?
I like to give everyone a little blurb about my outlook on photography for my amazing clients.

My Style:
Real smiles. Real emotions. Real laughter. Real life.
At every single wedding & portrait session I photograph, I strive to capture more than just how you look. My goal is to tell a story … the story of your life. Who you are today, right now, in this moment. I have a fresh, modern and unique style that’ll make you feel even more amazing than you already look. Wedding portraiture has come a long way in the last few years and there’s nobody more excited about it than me! Whether you’re just saying the two most memorable words of your life…{I do} or starting your family. I’m here to help capture the moments you’ll be looking back on for a lifetime.

So relax, be yourselves and let’s have a blast!

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To view more fresh, modern wedding photos from Sarah Kossuch Photography, and to contact Sarah directly, visit her website.

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