Instagram is a huge social media platform…. it is actually one of the fastest growing social media sites out there. With over 200 million users, 15 times more engagement than Facebook and 40 times more engagement than Twitter, Instagram is continuing to gain popularity. If you do not like using all the various social media sites out there for your business, Instagram is one you should highly consider. We wanted to share some Instagram tips for photographers that will help you market your work. We also found this awesome infographic on QuickSprout that we thought would be a good reference for you.

A great statistic is that 37% of online users who are between the ages of 18 – 29 years old use Instagram. There are many, many men and women in the age range that are engaged and looking for a wedding photographer. So why not tap into this very important social media space to help showcase your work to that market?

Another thing to think about… 93% of prestigious brands are on Instagram and there is a 350% growth of brand engagement year over year. That is HUGE and if you use this platform to market to brides and engaged couples, you could be a part of that amazing percentage.

One really cool thing with Instagram is that you can cross-post to your other social media sites. So, instead of posting to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… just upload your Instagram photo and have it automatically post to the other sites you have chosen. How simple is that?

Here are some Instagram tips for photographers who do have a presence in that social space.

1. Post Regularly but Be Selective – It is always important, like in any social media space, to post regularly. If you post sporadically or only a few times a month, you will miss out on so many potential customers. But, with that said, make sure you are posting things that are relevant to you and not just posting photos to simply say you have posted. If you post too much irrelevant stuff, consumers will get annoyed and want to stop following you.

2.  Post Timely Content – Along with posting regularly, you want to make sure you are also posting content that is timely to the consumer. Do you have photos that go along with the season or holiday? Those are great to post when your audience is already thinking the same.

3. Use Tags and Hashtags – You hear about hashtags everywhere but they are important to Instagram. That is how a user will search for something within Instagram. It is good measure to use about 5-7 hashtags with each post you do, that will give you a good change of your photos being seen. Speaking of hashtags, have you seen this great clip from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake all about hashtags? If not, it is sure to make you laugh.

Also, it is always great to tag someone else in a photo if it has to do with them. That will help you get that much more exposure. When posting wedding images, it would be great to tag the bride and groom as well as all the vendors that you worked with on that specific wedding. They are then notified of your post and then they can view it, comment, and also share it themselves.

4. Contest and Giveaways – Everyone loves to win something, so it is always great to run contest and giveaways on your page to help get consumers talking about you, liking your photos and telling their friends.

5. Promote Your Instagram Page – If you are on other social media sites, tell all your Facebook followers to follow you on you on Instagram. Include your Instagram link on your company website or even on your business cards!

6. Comment, Like and Share Photos You Are Interested In – Follow others in the wedding industry, venues you work with regularly and the couples you photograph. Comment on their pics and start building relationships. Compliment them…everyone loves a good compliment and will remember that when looking at your posts.

7. Link To Your Website In Your Profile Bio – Make sure you tell people who you are and where they can go online to see more of your work or to contact you. That is really the only place to do that on the platform, so be sure you get your website link there for everyone to see!

How to Increase Instagram Engagement by 182%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
Tracking Instagram
You can measure the engagement you get through Instagram in a few ways. Of course you can see by the number of likes and comments you get on each post you do. If you encourage your users to use specific hashtags, you can also track engagement that way.
A unique way to track engagement is by include a custom URL or phone number for your business that will only be used on Instagram so you can see specifically how many web visits or phone calls that come in.
There are also various tracking apps that you can use to help in your tracking that usually go hand in hand with other social media sites as well.
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instagram tips for photographers
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