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Photo by Sarah Postma Photography

Any bride-to-be will tell you without hesitation that planning a wedding is no easy task. With dozens of different wedding vendors needed to pull off the big day, and literally hundreds of different wedding vendors to choose from, staying organized and narrowing down the field is a time consuming and often frustrating task.

Of all the different wedding vendors, finding the perfect wedding photographer is arguably the most agonizing and important. After all, the wedding photographs are what will be looked back upon years later to remember the special day.

The Internet undoubtedly offers a wide variety of different resources to help brides-to-be source their perfect wedding photographer. In this three-part series, we are going to discuss three important ideas to keep in mind when trying to find a wedding photographer online.

1) Location, location…location?

Naturally, you will want to consider a wedding photographer in your immediate geographic area, but sometimes it may actually be worth your while to consider a photographer from a different city, state, or even country! After all, the goal is to find a wedding photographer who you mesh with and who works within the visual style and budget you desire.

Does it really matter if their studio is right down the road? This is the beauty of the Internet; you do not need to be limited to interacting only with local photographers. Use the power of the Web to broaden what would otherwise be a restricted search region and consider zeroing in on your perfect wedding photographer no matter where they are located.

On SnapKnot, it is simple to see the photographers who are willing to travel – look for the pink airplane icons:

destination photographer on snapknot

and you can even filter search results to display only photographers who are willing to travel – also known as “destination photographers”

destination photographer search on snapknot

So go ahead, keep an open mind and look for that perfect wedding photographer no matter where they are from, contact them, and see what they say!

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