Cool gallery of Nicola & Cristina’s Honolulu, HI engagement and wedding photos from Black Tie Cinema, a wedding photographer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. This gallery does an incredible job of showcasing some beautiful locations in Honolulu for engagement and wedding photography, all brought to light by the talent of Black Tie Cinema. Nicole and Cristina traveled a long way to have their engagement and wedding photography in Honolulu- the final product seems well worth the trip:

“Nicola and Cristina come from Verona, Italy!  I know, a long way to travel… I really wanted to do something special for them so I took them to a couple cool locations and got blessed with a beautiful rainbow that they’ll probably never forget…” [Click to see all the photos]

Follow this link:
Nicola + Cristina

Black Tie Cinema is a Honolulu wedding photographer. See more over at Black Tie Cinema’s website.

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