You have the most beautiful dress, shoes to match, and the wedding day is almost here! Now, what are you going to do with your hair? There are so many beautiful wedding hairstyles that you can do…whether you want to leave your hair down, have a classic updo or a fun style of your own, there are so many wonderful options when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle.

A quick tip when it comes to the style that you choose on your wedding day: make sure you do a trial run-through of that style with the person you plan to have do your hair on your actual wedding day. Your dream hairstyle may not look exactly the same as it does in the photo you found and you would hate to find that out on your wedding day when you are already nervous and strapped for time.

We have pulled a few wedding hairstyle options for you that we loved… some are good for short hair and some that are great for longer hair.

Do you love the whimsical look where brides leave their hair down either with beautiful curls or just pulled slight up off their face? Do you really want to recreate a style like that for your big day? Here are a few great ones we love that really would be great for both long and shoulder length hair!

This bride, photographed by Joy Marie Photography, wants to keep her hair natural with a beautiful headpiece made from baby’s breath. The style is so simple, yet stunning.

wedding hairstyles, Joy Marie Photography


The style this bride chose is similar but she pulled it up on the sides. This is a great idea if you still want to be sure to keep your hair from falling into your eyes…. remember this will be the style you have as you dance the night away with your new spouse! The flowers in her hair also give her style that extra special look. These photos are from Black & Hue Photography.

wedding hairstyles, Black Hue Photography

wedding hairstyles, Black Hue Photography

Joy Marie Photography also took this amazing photo of the bride with her simple, yet fabulous hairstyle.

wedding hairstyles, Joy Marie Photography

Another simple hairstyle is down with a few curls and looks amazing on this bride. This photo was taken by Forte In Focus.

wedding hairstyles, Forte In Focus

This bride wanted to leave her hair down, but instead of simply pulling it back, chose to do a braid across the top instead, giving it that extra detail to compliment her beauty! This photo is by Creatrix Photography.

wedding hairstyles, Creatrix Photography

Do you have short hair but still want to leave it down? No problem! This bride looks gorgeous with her hair down with just a few curls and a beautiful headband. This photo was found on

wedding hairstyles

These next few hairstyles are fun and take in some of the great new trends that have become popular in the past few years.

This bride, photographed by Thompson Pictures, did a gorgeous fishtail braid over her shoulder.

wedding hairstyles, Thompson Pictures

wedding hairstyles, Thompson Pictures

Here is another variation of the fishtail braid pulled to the side. Her hair is a bit thicker than the bride above, so you can see how every hairstyle looks a little different on each person. Still very gorgeous and she decided to dress it up with some bright flower. Photo by Joy Marie Photography.

wedding hairstyles, Joy Marie Photography


We just love this Shakespeare inspired hair-style that was photographed by Alyssa Marie Photography. It is pulled back loosely with curls and a low braid and she has beautiful ribbon and flowers throughout. So stunning!

wedding hairstyles, Alyssa Marie Photography

Do you really want to have that traditional classic look with your hair pulled back and off your neck? Even though all wedding hairstyles are great, if you know you are going to be dancing, or it is an outdoor wedding and you are nervous about your hair getting frizzy (or any of the other wonderful problems that the outdoors can do to your style!) an updo is always a great choice.

This look photographed by Jodi Miller Photography, is simple yet beautiful. She added some baby’s breath to her hair, but you could also get a beautiful clip of some kind if you would rather not use flowers.

wedding hairstyles, Jodi Miller Photography

This classic looking style is also a great choice for an updo. The brides hair is pulled back and over to one side making her have that very sleek and sophisticated look. Photo by Joy Marie Photography.

wedding hairstyles, Joy Marie Photography


This gorgeous updo has textures of curls all brought together with a gorgeous side braid. How lovely is this? Photographed by Elstile-sbp.


And of course, do not forget about the always beautiful and traditional bun… such a timeless look. This photo is by Melani Lust Photography.

Melani Lust Photography

We hope you have loved these beautiful wedding hairstyles as much as we have and that you find inspiration for your own wedding day! Be sure to check out our SnapKnot Pinterest page for other great wedding ideas including other great hairstyles, wedding gowns, DIY ideas and more. Also, take a look at these gorgeous indoor and outdoor bridal photos that can bring you even more great wedding ideas.

Do you have another hairstyle that is absolutely gorgeous that would be perfect for your wedding day? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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