SnapKnot has another addition to the Denver, Colorado area! Alison Rose Photography creates photojournalistic wedding photography for her clients, making sure that every moment is captured! Get to know more about Alison below:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself…

Alison Williams was formally introduced to the darkroom at the age of 15 and never looked back. Since then, she has won awards with WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) international photo contests and has been published in various books through the International Library of Photography as well as Rocky Mountain Bride and The Knot. She currently resides in Wheat Ridge, Colorado with her wonderful husband, daughter, son, 3 rescue dogs and 2 cats.

2) Why did you choose to become a photographer?
It is in my heart and soul!  It’s who I’ve been my whole life and one of the few things that makes me whole.

3) How long have you been a photographer?
6 1/2 years professionally, but intensely in to it for 20.

4) How would you classify your style of photography?

Emotional photojournalism

5) Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level?
Everyone influences me because I am inspired by real life.  I am amazed at how many beautiful scenes unfold before my on a regular basis!
Some professionals I really admire and want to be when I grow up are Ben Chrisman, Brett Butterstein, Sergio, and Huy Nguyen.

6) Do you have any good wedding stories?
All of my weddings are special and unique.  It would be hard to only recognize one!

7) What’s your preferred type of camera equipment?
Canon digital SLR – 5D Mark II

8) What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?
Decide on what you want from your photography and pick your “style”  then search from there. Definitely meet the photographers in person.  You have to have chemistry!  They will be with you all day and will be riding on your energy…

9) Any fun personal facts we should know about you?
I have a degree in performance theater as well (I love being under pressure to perform!-maybe that’s why I love weddings so much?)

Anything else to add about yourself, the wedding industry, photography, brides, grooms, etc?

I take my job very seriously.  I know this is one of the biggest days in your life and I want your photos to be the best they can be!!!!!  I also pride myself on not only being your photographer, but your friend!!!!!

To see more photojournalistic wedding photography from Alison Rose Photography, check out her website!

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