SnapKnot’s list of Ocala, Florida photographers has a new addition! We would like to welcome Adonai Photography – a personable photographer with classic wedding photos .  Get to know owner Ivy a little better:

1. My name is Ivy Pruss owner of Adonai-Photography. I am  wife to my amazing husband Jonathan for 8 yrs, and mother/homeschool teacher to our 3 beautiful children ages 6, 4 and 1 yikes! Ok so “a little bit about myself ” I love to eat 100% organic if possible, however I am a native New Yorker and I cannot give up pizza! About 3 1/2 years ago we made strict changes to our diet because our son was born with eczema. At that time I also learned to make our own skincare since we anything we tried from the store only made things worse. Thankfully now  at age 4 his eczema is under control and his skin is actually healing from the scarring. I moved to Florida about 11 years ago and live in small town which is just how I like it, with farms close by. We are willing to travel for weddings so your imagination is the limit!

2. My reasons for choosing  to become a photographer are a few: mine and my husbands goal are one, we have to desire to work from home to raise our children together. Not only that but we want to leave a legacy behind that they can take over when they are ready. With that being said we have 3 businesses my husband’s plumbing business, our ski care and photography business. It’s crazy working and schooling from home and we constantly find our selves struggling for balance, but it’s so worth it to teach our children work ethic, and how to run things. My 6 yr old Penelope love to make body butters with me, and loves to package things. Ephraim our 4 yr old cant wait for the day he can go to work with dad! All the while they are with us learning to be part of a family, and how to work as a team. My wedding photographer was just someone who too “nice pictures” he was not a professional

3. I would say my style of photography in 3 words candid, photojournalistic and clean! Right now I shoot film and digital, but see myself moving more to medium format with a hint of fine art kind of style.

4. I’ve been serious about photography for the last 4 yrs which was when we decided to make it a business. In high school I starting shooting with my first Pentax film camera.

5. Some of my influences on a personal and professional level I would say even artistic well, would be Zach Arias,Roberto Valenzuela and Doug Gordon just to name a few.

6. Ok, so my last wedding I shot before I went on my maternity leave was a wedding in Jacksonville. The brides name was Heather. Not only was she the oldest child, but she was her parents ONLY child! It was a very hard day for the father. I think he was even almost determined not to let me get one good shot of him at all to which the idea  made me crumble inside. What would I do to help this man feel comfortable in front of my camera on what he possibly thought was the worst day of his life…giving away his only baby girl? As we were in the bridal chamber the father came in and looked at his only daughter whispering that ‘ there is still time and if you want I could run to their car and pull up around back and no one would even see us leaving.  To which she said ” It’s ok daddy I’m ready, I want to stay, I don’t want to leave.’  I know I wasn’t the only one crying!  The father did feel better after the ceremony even had a few beers at the reception; which I think helped him feel better with me snapping away!  The groom from the very same wedding…his dad died when he was a little boy, but they had this favorite song the only the groom, his mother and father knew and would play all the time. When the groom got older his mom remarried.For his mother/son dance he surprised his mom and had someone play that special song on guitar that only he and his mom new. It was a tough day to keep dry eyes! And I can’t believe I was part of that, it was a blessing!  Things like that are what motivate me and help me to appreciate the memories I capture for my clients.

7.  I have to say that I am an avid Nikon shooter! I just love the quality and consistency.

8. Ok so my advice for a couple searching for a wedding photographer is, make sure you feel comfortable with them before you pick someone, look at their work see if you like it, this is whom you’ll be spending your most important day with and their artistic vision is what your memories will look like. please remember that it’s better to pay a little more than you expected than to pay less that you should have, you can’t get your day back so please make the best choice. My husband’s parents thought it would be a nice gift to get a family friend who they thought took “nice pictures”. I never take my album out to show anybody and I have few if any pictures from my side of the family, the guy was so shy he only stood near my husbands family. I’m also going to help out a special friend this weekend and shoot her wedding, she paid a “photographer” $300 to shoot the wedding and the ” photographer ” wasn’t even planning on being there to capture my friend getting ready or into her dress? Your photographic investment for your wedding should be one of your top 3 priorities, it’s an investment you will not regret.

To see more classic wedding photos from Adonai Photography, be sure to visit their website!

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