If you are a photographer and are interested in discovering the TRUE POTENTIAL of your photography in print, you will want to check out what Saal Digital is offering all photographers. Purchase their popular HighEnd Photobook with LayFlat binding and get $35 off your order!


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High End Lay Flat Photobooks from Saal Digital

Benefits of Photobooks To Photographers and Their Business


It’s Great To Use As A Portfolio

It is so beneficial to have a high-quality portfolio that you can customize to give your clients a perfect representation of your work. This tool can be used when you are trying to secure new customers and show them what type of products and photobooks they can receive after you have their photo session.  With Saal Digital, you can do this by using their ICC Profiles.

With Saal Digital, it is so easy to create samples of any type and size of photobook, and having those different options to show clients can in turn help convert into more sales for your business. And with a 50% discount on sample products, you can get to know and see first hand the different finishes and create the portfolio that best reflects your style using a variety of options. That way, you have all the different options that fit your photography style to show clients.

Photobooks Can Add Value To Your Business

Once you secure a client and get a contract, the sales tool (photobook) that the client loved could also be a valuable offer to include in their package. Not only does including that photobook add value, but it gives the client something personal to hold onto that the photographer created for them which makes a lasting impression. That will lead to returning customers as well as recommendations. Knowing that your clients have your photobooks to show off to their friends and family will help spread the word about the quality of your work and products. Saal Digital works to help create a profit margin for their resellers, and offers a reseller discount starting at 30% off all orders. You can read more about that here.

Happy Client with Photobook from Saal Digital

Saal Digital Offers Different Tools To Ensure The Best Possible Outcome


Direct Photobook Uploader

Saal Digital provides their professional customers with a direct photobook uploader, their Pro-Upload function. You can even design your photobook with other programs, such as InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, as long as you make the page design according to their requirements so all fits correctly!

Saal Design Plug-Ins

They provide a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. With the help of the plug-ins, you can easily configure the photobook and design the spreads as usual. Click here for more information on plug-ins.

Many Customizable Photobook Options

You can customize your photobook in 5 different sizes, and choose the exact number of pages you need. There are also different cover options, including if you want the cover padded or unpadded as well as different paper options including matte, gloss, High-end or art print. You even have the option of the photobook being in a gift box if you prefer!

You can check out all of the professional options you can use when customizing your very own photobook for your business here.

Different size photobooks work for happy clients


Remember to use the case-sensitive promo code:


when you order to receive your discount!

Saal Digital is one of the leading manufacturers of photo products and as a modern online provider, their portfolio includes high-quality exposed and printed photo products.

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