Jim and Phyllis comprise the husband and wife wedding photography team of JP Brandano Photography. JP Brandano is based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, and recently joined SnapKnot as one of our Premium wedding photographers. We had a little Q&A with Jim so we could learn a bit more about him and his style of photography. Read on and get to know JP Brandano Photography!

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So Jim why don’t you start out by telling us a little about yourself?
Ok no problem. I am happily married, very happily married ( my
wife will be checking this :) ) MY big passion in life has always
photography. I bought my first camera  when I was a teenager and have
always owned one sense then. I remember watching TV cop shows and at
the crime scene there would be a photographer. Back then it would be a
large camera with a seemingly larger flash. I realized I thought that
was cooler then the detective who was the star of the show. Could
never understand why there was not a show about a photographer who
solved crimes. Ok I digress, sorry. I photographed a trip to
Copenhagen I took with some friends, I would take my camera to Boston
Bruin games and actually have a picture hanging in my office of Bobby
Orr on the ice that my wife had printed from my old slide and then had
Bobby autograph it.

I lived in Arizona and photographed as much as I could when I wasn’t
working. I still love going there and photographing that state.
I have been photographing weddings and other events for over 10 years
but about 5 years ago I decided to resign from my real world job and
go full time with photography. I have not regretted it at all.

“I believe a wedding day is 70% fact and

How would you classify your photographic style?
I don’t like to hold myself to one style; I hope to be adaptable to whatever style our brides & grooms like. I guess the best way to
classify it is to say that I believe a wedding day is 70% fact and 30%
fantasy and we endeavor to capture both the fact & fantasy.

Who or what are some of your influences on a personal or professional level?
Some of the people who have influenced me professionally vary from
David Ziser and Neil van Niekerk ( I own each of their books and read
their blogs everyday), to Moose Peterson and Galen Rowell. In my
personal life I would say my wife has influenced me the most, she was
the one that told me to stop talking about being a photographer and
actually do it!!

bride groom lights arches night

Do you have any good wedding stories?
Well we have had many interesting days photographing our weddings
and to choose one interesting story would be difficult. But one of the
weddings that was really fun happened last year. The groom and his
groomsmen were great friends and he was an actor/role-player/
performer. He brought a lot of that to the wedding day including:
reenacting the Abby Road cover shot and the last supper. When it was
his turn to say his vows he started singing ( with the help of his
groomsmen who joined him with cigarettes lighters held high) a Guns &
Roses song. This was a surprise to everyone including the bride lol.
Then the first dance .. what a first dance.. it was more like a rock
opera with the two of them dancing all over the floor and ending not
with a romantic dip but a kick. It was very difficult to photograph and laugh all day – LOL:

bride groom kick

What is your preferred type of camera equipment?
We use all Nikon cameras and lens( D300 & D300s plus a D200 for BU)
Our lights are Quantum Trios we bought  them when they first came on
the market and love the quality of the light. So much so that we do
not use anything but them.

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What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer?
Look at  a good number of the photographer’s images, albums and
videos if they have them. Meet with the photographers at least once.
Make sure their style and personality both meet your needs. Please ask
questions, as many questions as you need to get a good feel for them (maybe write them down before you meet with them).
I understand that the economy is a factor but that does not mean that
you cannot find the right photographer for you. Just be aware that
their personality is something that will influence your wedding day
and pick appropriately.

Any fun facts that we should know about you?
Well we just moved to Florida and we are loving it. In celebration
of the move we are offering a wedding package that includes a free
with the images from your wedding.

wedding reception

Learn more and see JP Brandano’s portfolio on SnapKnot. Also be sure to follow them on:

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