A fearless bridal session, same as a “trash the dress” session are for those brides who want to shoot something more unique than the typical bridal portraits. These fearless bridal sessions typically happen after the wedding and the bride may or may not decide to include her new spouse in the photos.

Sometimes a bride wants to do something crazy and outrageous. Sometimes it’s a photo in a situation or location that no one would ever expect the bride to be in her wedding dress. They can be romantic, fun, or just downright edgy…. it is truly whatever the bride wants to do.

For a bride who has never taken, or known any one else to take a fearless bridal session, you may have many questions or be a bit nervous. What if you do not want to mess up your beautiful wedding gown? We have answered a few of the common questions you may have below.

fearless bridal session, Frances Morency Photography

Photo Credit: Frances Morency Photography

When is the best time for a fearless session?

The best time to schedule a fearless bridal photo session is after your wedding. Also, depending on what type of setting you want for your photos will also determine when you should schedule them. If you want to splash around in the ocean like these two amazing photos below by Limelight Photography and Hampton Roads Photography, you may want to schedule it for a warmer time of year.

fearless bridal session, Limelight Photography

Photo Credit: Limelight Photography

fearless bridal session, Hampton Roads Photography

Photo Credit: Hampton Roads Photography

What if I really do not want to ruin my dress but still want to try out a fearless bridal photo session?

There are so many different types of fearless bridal session photo ideas, you certainly do not have to ruin your wedding dress in the process if you do not want to! Ego Studios Philly says that many brides do not realize that they want to do a fearless bridal session until AFTER the wedding. They have had so much fun wearing the dress on the wedding day, that they can not imagine ruining it. But, if you talk to any woman who has already gotten married, your white dress is already dirty and in need of cleaning after your wedding. From it brushing along the floor as you dance, or perhaps drinks or food being spilt on it (by accident, of course!) during the party, it already needs a good cleaning. Because the dress will already need to be cleaned, sometimes the fun and fearless bridal sessions do not seem so scary. With all that said, in the end it is your choice. If you want to do a fearless bridal session where you do not trash your dress, by all means, do whatever you would like!

There are plenty of options for photos if you want to keep your dress clean. Maybe you decide you just want to go to a really unique location like the photo on the railroad tracks by Frances Morency Photography, or incorporate a sport that you or your new spouse loves to play like the photo below by Applehead Studio Photography.

fearless bridal session, Frances Morency Photography
Photo Credit: Frances Morency Photography
fearless bridal session, Applehead Studo Photography

Photo Credit: Applehead Studio Photography


What if I am too nervous, or embarrassed to do the fearless bridal session? 

No need to be nervous because the session is totally for you and what makes you comfortable! According to The Knot, this is the time to let your creativity flow, and enjoy wearing your dress one last time in a fresh and liberating way. Do not do anything that makes you uncomfortable – these are photos that you will want to look back on with wonderful memories.

Where can I find a wedding photographer that offers fearless bridal sessions? 

Many photographers offer this type of session, some may even include it in your entire wedding photo package. When you search for a photographer on SnapKnot and contact them, be sure to ask if they offer a fearless bridal session… it is quickly growing trend in wedding photography.

Here are a few more fearless bridal session photos from to give you a few additional ideas.

fearless bridal session, Joanna Moss Photography

Photo Credit: Joanna Moss Photography

fearless bridal session, Frances Morency Photography

Photo Credit: Frances Morency Photography


fearless bridal session, Michael Moss Photography

Photo Credit Michael Moss Photography

fearless bridal sessions, Yvonne Denault Photography

Photo Credit: Ynonne Denault Photography

fearless bridal session, Frances Morency Photography

Photo Credit: Frances Morency Photography


For those of you who are on the fence about whether or not to have a fearless bridal session after your wedding, talk through your ideas with your photographer, and do your research to get a few examples of the types of photos you would want. Do you want to actually trash your dress? Do you prefer that your spouse is in the photos with you, or would you rather it just be you? Do you have any unique locations or props you would like to incorporate?

If you need any additional ideas, check out these two blog posts on Five Daring Ways to Trash Your Dress or Five Unique Ways to Trash Your Wedding Dress.

Brides, do you have any unique photo ideas for your fearless bridal session? Photographers, what are some other fun and fearless sessions you have done? We would love to hear from all of you… comment below! 

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