There is just something about a sleek and beautiful car. Having your wedding photos with cars can make for some beautiful memories. Maybe you have always wanted your “getaway car” from your vintage-themed wedding to be an amazing vintage car. Or, perhaps you love really fast cars and a brand new Porsche is exactly what you want. There are also some really great photo opportunities if you you are planning an outdoor rustic-themed wedding to have a older, rustic looking pick-up truck, or how about a old VW Beetle?

Just as we always say that bringing in a prop to a photo adds a little something extra, a car can do the EXACT same thing! Here are a few great engagement and wedding photos with cars to give you a bit of inspiration.

This photo from Carrie Krupke Photography shows sophistication – from both the couple and the 1949 Pontiac! This is what Carrie had to say about Cole and Dayna.

“Best Friend. That’s typically what people say to answer the question to whom they are married. For Cole & Dayna, they were good friends long before they even dated, long before Dayna had an inkling that Cole liked her more than just a “friend”. To everyone around them, through all their years at Drake in its music department together, it seemed so, painfully, obvious, except to her. The day that Cole approached her about becoming more than friends, Dayna was floored, shocked, without words.

I’d hazard to say that she made up for the so-called lack of words as she answered Cole’s vows with her own. Pledging to honor him with her eyes, ears, lips, mind & body, in the sight of roughly 300(ish) guests, Dayna answered Cole’s promise with her own to honor and cherish until death or until the Good Lord takes us all home.”

wedding photos with cars, Carrie Krupke Photography

Anna Smith Photography took these great engagement shots of Tizoc and Jessica in Austin, Texas. Here is what she had to say about this beautifully happy couple:

“To all of the Dreamers, real love does exist. Jessica and Tizoc first met at a flag football game in Austin. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to photograph them during this stunning engagement session, and just how much Tizoc adores Jessica as a true gentleman would. These are his words and we can only extrapolate daily to the rest: “Sometimes as a man it’s hard to take your eyes off a beautiful girl, you just want to stare. Then, someone calls you out on it, and you introduce her as your fiancé.” They are both teachers. They are passionate about love, patience and kindness. They are real. I absolutely loved capturing their beginning in a gorgeous place like Barton Springs in Austin, Texas and I am looking forward to seeing these two tie the knot on a very cool wedding date of 12/13/14. After sessions like these it’s easy to go home and love your husband just a little bit more!”

wedding photos with cars, Anna Smith Photography wedding photos with cars, Anna Smith PhotographyThis is such an amazing photo taken by Paisley Pigat Images. All the colors compliment each other from the bright red car to the beautiful blue sky and the bride and groom were the perfect centerpiece. wedding photos with cars, Paisley Pigat Images

We just love this bridal photo by Bellamanda Photography. She captured a beautiful moment and the car is the perfect place for this bride to sit and think. wedding photos with cars, Bellamanda Photography

Amanda Bellucco Photography  took this great shot of the newlyweds relaxing in the back of their getaway car.

wedding photos with cars, Amanda Bellucco Photography

Of course a truck is a great place for a groom to take a photo with…. this groom had his photo taken by Donna Beck photos with cars, Donna Beck Photography

Pedersson Storyteller Photography took these two photos. The first with the bride and groom relaxing next to the car together and the second with the bride and groom in their getaway car! wedding photos with cars, Pedersson Storyteller Photography

wedding photos with cars, Pedersson Storyteller Photography

This engagement photo taken by First City Photo in Kansas and is so great with its country outdoorsy theme. The truck in the background, she is wearing great cowgirl boots, and they are in an amazingly green field. What is not to love about this fun engagement photo?!? wedding photos with cars, First City Photo


Here are a few more photos that we love and had to share:

wedding photos with cars, Benfield Photography

Photo Credit: Benfield Photography

wedding photos with cars, Kiwi Lee Photography

Photo Credit: Kiwi Lee Photography

wedding photos with cars, Millie B Photography

Photo Credit: Millie B Photography

wedding photos with cars, Alex Cammy Photography

Photo Credit: Alex Cammy Photography

We hope you love this compilation of engagement and wedding photos with cars and much as we do!  We also hope that it brings you some great inspiration if you are planning wedding or engagement photos and simply love cars… or even love how much personality a car can bring to your photos, just like all of these great ones have!

If you would love to add a prop to your wedding or engagement photos, here are some great ideas in our engagement photos with props post.

Readers, do you have any great prop ideas you have used in a photo (or want to use) that you would like to share? We would love to hear your ideas below!

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