When you are beginning to plan your entire wedding, there are so many awesome ways to save money. We have already showed you our favorite DIY wedding ceremony and reception ideas and today we want to show you our top 10 favorite ideas for DIY wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards!

Your wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards should reflect the type of wedding you are having. Are you having a rustic outdoor wedding or do you want it to be very traditional? Is the event going to be very dressy or more casual? What ever your wedding theme, there are DIY wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards that you can create that will showcase your upcoming nuptials exactly how they should be showcased to get the guest excited and ready for your big day… just like you are!

It is always good to remember that if you are planning to create many of your own DIY ideas, be sure to plan ahead and start working on your crafts early. A wedding is a stressful and huge task to plan, and you do not want to find yourself waiting until the last minute to print, glue and address 200 save-the-dates or invitations.

One great tip to remember at the very beginning that will help you save time is to make many address labels for you and your soon-to-be spouse so you will have them all throughout your wedding planning and after to use for all the invites and thank you cards. it is also a great idea to print off the address labels for each of your guests. That way, you can easily pull out those labels every time you have something to mail out about your wedding day! (Unless you are planning to write them out on your own or use some really great calligraphy!)

Check out these great ideas for DIY wedding invitations, save-the-dates and thank you cards below!

Save-the-date cards are the first thing you will be sending out to all your wedding guests to let them know the exact date of your upcoming wedding day. These can be fun or they can be a reflection of what the upcoming theme of the wedding will be. They can be a simple card, or why not try to put the photo on a magnet so your wedding guess will always remember your upcoming event every time they pass it on the refrigerator? It is totally your choice!

We absolutely love this first save-the-date by Something Turquoise. This save-the-date provides stickers that the guest can take off and stick to the wedding date on their calendar. That way, no one will be able to forget when your wedding day comes close! If you visit the Something Turquoise page, they provide free downloadable templates so you can print and create these amazing DIY save-the-dates on your own!

DIY wedding invitations

A very unique way to send out your save-the-date is to make it look like a library card as the photo below from Elegant Wedding Invites. Create the card much as you would check out a library book years ago. By each date, include the quick story of how you and your soon-to-be met, started dating, got engaged, and anything else you would like to include. This is such a unique and fun way to send out your save-the-date… and what a great idea for someone who loves to read!

DIY wedding invitiations

Another cute option that is popular for a save-the-date is taking a photo of the two of you to include on the invite. In this one from Elegant Wedding Invites, the soon-to-be bride and groom hold “He Asked, She Said Yes” signs that explain they are getting married. And when you take a photo to include on the invite, you can take it anywhere you would like. This couple thought being surrounded by the outdoors and a tree would be fun (and they were totally right!) but you can choose to take the photo in your house, with your pets, on the beach, where ever you want!

DIY wedding invitations

This cute save-the-date photo is taken like the couple is in a photo booth with the wedding date listed at the bottom of the polaroid. This cute idea comes from Craft Gawker.

DIY wedding invitations

DIY wedding invitations are much like the save-the-dates, you can make them be fun and casual or you can be more traditional… it all depends on you as a couple and what you want your wedding day to be portrayed as. This first one from Craftaholics Anonymous is so fun and can be done in whatever colors you prefer. You will simply need a paper trimmer, a great printer (or you can always go to a printing store to get awesome quality!), envelopes and cardstock and any adhesive if you are going to be using multiple layers or embellishments!

DIY wedding invitations

How nice are these DIY wedding invitations if you are having a rustic or outdoor themed wedding? You can use cardstock, great printers and do not forget the burlap type string to give it that more rustic feel. These invites are from You And Your Wedding.

DIY wedding invitations

Here is a simple, yet stunning invitation that is just created with a beautiful photo on the front of the card and the information for the entire event in the center fold. If you are looking to have a photo on your invite, this is a great option. This photo was taken by Del Mar Photography.

DIY wedding invitations

Even though the wedding is over, there are still things to finish! You and your new bride or groom are back from the honeymoon and have officially started your life together. You have opened all the amazing wedding gifts that your family and friends bought for you both and now it is time to thank them all! Thank you cards are such an important part – even though they come after the wedding is over so you do not want to look like your rushed through them or do not care about them as much.

When you are at the wedding, why not include on your shot list for your photographer to get a photo of you both with a sign that says “Thank You” that you can use for your thank you cards? This can be the front page of the card and you can write in a tailored message to each guest, or you can just send this as is! This photo is from Style Me Pretty.

DIY wedding invitations

Just like the last one, why not get your photo for your thank-you cards taken while at the wedding? This is such a cute idea with the wedding party holding up Scrabble pieces that say thank you. This great idea can be seen on Green Wedding Shoes.

DIY wedding invitations

Another unique idea is to include a thank-you at the reception on each guest’s plate. This can be a nice note that thanks each and every person for the love they show you both and for how much it means to you that they attending your wedding. Of course, this should not replace a thank-you card for the wedding gifts!

DIY wedding invitations

Be sure to check back next week for our favorite DIY centerpieces and flower ideas! And do not forget to read out post on DIY wedding ceremony ideas and DIY wedding reception ideas.

For other DIY wedding inspiration, be sure to follow our Pinterest page or search on the Get Inspired page.

Do you have any other really great, unique, DIY wedding invitation ideas? We would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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