When it comes to decor for a winter wedding, it’s important to think of all of the objects, colors, and feelings that are associated with the season. For example, some people may associate winter with shades of blue, purple, and silver, while others may think more of holiday colors, such as green and gold. The color association will most likely depend on your wedding date and the month it is in. However, if you find yourself to be a fan of those “cold colors” and don’t shy away from the snow and wintry weather, a winter wedding is perfect for you and your significant other.

With the winter weather in full effect now, we have found some of our favorite cozy decor options for a winter wedding. We found a variety of new favorites, from inclusion of pinecones to warm drink and food options. By the end of this post, you’ll be either wishing you had a winter wedding or begin planning your dream wedding in the winter season.

We hope you love these cozy decor for a winter wedding ideas as much as we do!

This adorable and creative winter weather-themed sign is perfect to display at your ceremony for guests to see as they are walking in.

Pinecone place settings are a simple, yet stunning option. By painting them white a little bit, it gives them the perfect illusion that they are snow-dipped.

Use winter-themed flowers and twigs to design a stunning centerpiece for the tables at your reception.

decor for a winter wedding, Agaton Strom

Credit: Agaton Strom

Along with your choice of white seasonal flowers, add a few pinecones in your bouquet to give off a complete winter vibe.

This stunning ceiling piece can be displayed at the reception venue, perhaps over the table where the guestbook is placed or over the couple’s table where the newlyweds are seated, for guests to be in awe over.

A precious winter-themed ring bearer pillow is the perfect small detail addition to your wedding ceremony.

Send guests home with blankets, which are the perfect wedding guest favors for attendance at a cold, winter wedding.

Is there anything better than providing your cold guests with a variety of warm beverages and food? They are guaranteed to appreciate the thought and will love making their own creations.

Lanterns can look absolutely stunning indoors or outdoors, and you may want to use them to decorate your ceremony and reception venue to guide guests to the area.

It is essential to have a wintery cake if you are holding a winter themed wedding, so choose to adorn your wedding cake with snowflakes and simple white and silver details.

Of course it is a must for the groom and groomsmen to participate in the winter wedding theme as well, so choose boutonnières using winter florals.

Benj Haisch

Credit: Benj Haisch

Whether or not there is snow on your wedding day, ensure that you still get a touch of winter in your wedding photos by purchasing a stunning white floral backdrop.

We hope you enjoyed all of our stunning decor for a winter wedding finds, and perhaps, you’ll even be able to put a few of these to use!

If you loved these decor options, you will fall in love with these stunning winter wedding photos from various brides and grooms!

Are you having a winter wedding and need some creative additions to your special day? Take a look at these fabulous unique winter wedding ideas!

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