We have a winner! With the chaos of the holiday season and the new year officially over, our Nikon vs. Cannon free camera giveaway winner is ready to share her story with the rest of our community. Congratulations to Emilie Hendryx of Valencia, California, who chose a brand new Nikon D800 for her prize!

Emilie was completely shocked when she discovered that she was SnapKnot’s Grand Prize Winner.

“I was stunned and couldn’t believe it! As most people say, you never actually know people who win prizes like that, you just see a name and think ‘good for them’ but this time it was me!”

SnapKnot Camera Giveaway Winner, Emilie HendryxEmilie has already put her new Nikon to work, shooting sessions with friends in order to get used to her new piece of equipment before the weddings she has lined up.

In addition to these weddings, Emilie plans on using her new Nikon to do some pro bono work for families that can’t afford a photographer and good causes that need someone to capture what they do. She recently covered the SCV Pregnancy Center’s Annual Fundraising Banquet, an organization that now has images to help promote their cause.

“I love doing things like that and using the D800 was a huge step up from my D3000 with it’s fantastic ISO settings and professional handling. It was a dream to work with at this dimly lit event.”

SnapKnot Camera Giveaway Winner, Emilie Hendryx SnapKnot Camera Giveaway Winner, Emilie HendryxSnapKnot Camera Giveaway Winner, Emilie HendryxEmilie is what she considers to be a “small town girl now living in the big city”. Originally from Yreka, a tiny town in Northern California, Emilie picked up and moved to Santa Clarita, California to finish her degree at The Masters College. Since graduating, she has remained in Northern Los Angeles, spending her days working full-time for her church (Cornerstone Church SCV) while pursuing her photography and writing passions.

Right now Emily shoots mostly wedding and portrait photography. In addition to this, she spends some of her time teaching photography basics to a group of high school girls who are a part of her church’s youth group. As of right now, photography is mostly a side job, but she intends to make it full-time in the future.

SnapKnot Camera Giveaway Winner, Emilie HendryxSome fun facts about our Nikon winner? Not only does Emilie love writing and photography, she is also a musician on the side. She loves chocolate (what girl doesn’t), dreams of owning a golden retriever someday, and is making plans to get one of her novels published in the near future.

To learn more about our camera giveaway winner, visit Emilie’s:

Blog: eacreativephotography.blogspot.com

Facebook: facebook.com/eacreativephotography

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eacreativephoto

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