You are engaged… YAY, we are so happy for you!!!!  So now it is time to buckle down and start planning. The one thing that is so tough about planning your wedding is that life doesn’t stop to give you extra time to plan…. you still have to work, pay bills, go to school and everything else that life brings your way. We found this article on The Knot about the best wedding planning apps and it inspired us to tell you about a few of our favorites.

Technology today allows for wedding planning on the go. If you are standing in a long line at the grocery store, you can pull out your phone, open up one of these best wedding planning apps, and get something crossed off of your to-do list while you are out and about!

Here are our recommendations for the 9 best wedding planning apps! 


Are you still trying to narrow down your top wedding photographers and reach out to each one? We are not biased or anything but our SnapKnot app will help you do just that. Search for photographers in your location, save your favorites, and you can even browse through our blog to find so much great inspiration like real weddings, engagements, wedding planning tips, DIY ideas and more!

To download our SnapKnot app on iOS, click here.

best wedding planning apps


WedPics is a free and easy way to collect all of your wedding photos and videos that were taken by your guests and have them in one private location. Pretty much each and every one of your guests will take at least one photo during your special day, and it would be so great to have a copy of it, but after the wedding, it is hard to track down all of those photos. Think of WedPics as an alternative to a disposable camera.

To download WedPics for iOS, click here. To download WedPics for Android, click here.

best wedding planning apps

Brides Wedding Genius

This is another one of our best wedding planning apps. With this Brides app, you can browse hundreds of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, jewelry and even honeymoon destinations. Their Digital Wedding Binder upgrade even will keep everything organized for you and offers expert wedding advice.

To download the Brides Wedding Genius for iOs, click here.

best wedding planning apps

Vera Wang on Weddings

What is not to love about Vera Wang? With this app, you can create inspiration boards, you can stay on top of your wedding to-do list, organize your wedding guest list, keep track of all your wedding vendor contact information and meeting notes, and more!

To download Vera Wang on Weddings for iOS, click here.

best wedding planning apps


This app can be very helpful with any last minute to-do’s you need to get done right before the wedding. Do you have something that needs to be delivered to the reception, or do you need someone crafty who can finish up making the last 100 wedding favors that you thought you would be able to get done on your own? Use TaskRabbit to connect with locals that can help you out with any task you may need… and don’t worry, each one has already had a background check! All you do is post the task you need done and people bid for it, and you choose based on the rate you want to pay.

To download TaskRabbit for iOS, click here! To download TaskRabbit for Android, click here!

best wedding planning apps


Are you planning to create many of the wedding decor, gifts, invitations and more yourself? This app is perfect for all those DIY ideas… there are hundreds of tutorials for just about everything wedding-related that you may want to try out for your wedding day. You can even create your own tutorial if you want so you can share your expertise with other brides-to-be.

To download Snapguide on iOS, click here.

best wedding planning apps

My Fitness Pal

One thing that almost every bride tries to do when leading up to their wedding day is to lose a few pounds. Some even just try to maintain their weight so they can be sure that they fit into their dress when the big day arrives. My Fitness Pal is a free app that allows you to set goals and track your progress as you go. You can log you calories and exercise so you are able to see how you are progressing.

To download My Fitness Pal for iOS, click here. To download for Android, click here.

best wedding planning apps


Is it the morning of the wedding, you had already had your hair, makeup and nails done and something got messed up? Or maybe your best friend who was supposed to do your makeup backed out the day of.  (We sure hope that doesn’t happen, but you never know!) You may even wake up the morning of your wedding and really feel like de-stressing with a yoga instructor last minute. PRIV will send professionals to your door in under and hour 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From makeup, nails, hair or even personal trainers, you can find them here! So, even if you do not think you will need it, PRIV may be a great app to have on hand just in case!

To download PRIV for iOS, click here.

best wedding planning appsTouristEye 

This app is perfect for you to put together the most amazing itinerary for your honeymoon! You can pick and choose restaurants you want to check out and also find out about those sightseeing spots you may have not known about otherwise. You can have your trip set as private so only you can see, or you can invite friends to your trip so they can also send you recommendations for other great places and activities to visit.

To download TouristEye for iOS, click here. To download for Android, click here.

best wedding planning apps

We hope this list of 9 best wedding planning apps has been so helpful and that you consider using some (if not all!) of these to help make planning your wedding a breeze!

Also, if you still need to find your perfect photographer, you can create a FREE account here on SnapKnot. We make it easy for you by matching you with photographers who are in your location, budget range and more! From there, you can see a list of photographers and can then start narrowing them down from there. To start finding your perfect photographer, you can create a FREE account and you can be matched with photographers within a day!


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