Whether for the engagement session or the main event, beach wedding photos featuring sand and surf always have such a irresistibly magical quality about them. Maybe it’s the unique skies we see in the best of the beach wedding photos, with whimsical tufts of cotton candy-pink and burnt orange. Or perhaps its the way a couple can be captured in a sweet kiss that, in this heart-melting setting just screams romance, and the next moment caught playfully dashing through the sand.

Whatever the case, shores all around the world offer the perfect scene for couples seeking unique beach wedding photos of their special union.

Although it was difficult, we hand-selected our very favorite sandy shots within our SnapKnot community in 2012. Take a peek, and prepare to be wowed:

Beach Wedding Photos

The Best of the Beach by the Wedding TravellerThe Best of the Beach by Waller Weddings

“Kathlynn and Ray Gade got married on Solana Beach in Del Mar, California. This beach has beautiful cliff walls wide sand areas and rustic stairways. We loved capturing this wedding, not just because we had sand between our toes but because it was close and personal with a real casual feel. Just something about a groom with rolled up pants and a bare-foot bride.”

– Dustin of Waller Weddings

The Best of the Beach by Shaun King Photography

The Best of the Beach by Shaun King Photography The Best of the Beach by Shaun King Photography

“Christine decided to trash her wedding dress on her five year anniversary with Jason. She picked Myrtle Beach where he proposed to her. She also found out she was pregnant only weeks before her five year anniversary. Her trash the dress photographs represent a transition in her life – the stability and reliability that comes with five successful years of marriage, and the instability and excitement that will be ushered in by her baby boy.  When we set up this shot we only had one opportunity to take get this shot right, because the waves were crushing.  The final result looks like water fireworks.”

– Shaun King Photography

(This beach wedding photo shoot was also featured in an awesome Trash the Dress post on BridePop)

The Best of the Beach by Michelle & Damien
The Best of the Beach by Cherished PhotographyThe Best of the Beach by Jess Robertson Photography

 “This image was shot in Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach, CA. Mike & Mandy had their first “official” date here on October 6th, 2009. The first date was really the day before, when they went and saw “Toy Story” in 3D in gym clothes”

– Jess Robertson Photography

(Read more about Mike and Mandy’s stunning beach wedding photos via Laguna Beach Engagement Shoot)

The Best of the Beach by Vanessa Joy PhotographyThe Best of the Beach by Marcia CampbellThe Best of the Beach by Marcia Campbell

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post in the Week of Photography Favorites! (Hint: it will have you itching to let your inner-DIY-Diva out to play!)

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