We were first drawn to the sea glass hues in today’s Friday Photo Feature, but fell in love with the innate romance it portrays. Take a look at this beach kiss photo taken by Sieber Studio and let us know if you feel the same! (We think you will).

The lip locking duo (Jenelle and Jacob) were photographed on the sandy shores of Kailua Beach Park, Oahu.

Beach Kiss Photo, Sieber Studio Want to re-enact this shot?

Photographers: Some couples are better at this particular pose than others. Make sure they do it as “effortlessly” as possible while the bride tilts as far down as possible without falling backward! Because the sand is naturally bright, it provides nice ambient light without the use of artificial reflectors. Julia used: Canon 5D, 24-105mm : ISO 320 1/4000 / f4.5 without flash.

Brides: Just have fun. It’s that easy. Julia also adds:

“The beaches in Hawaii are some of the best in the World. These beaches make perfect natural settings for wedding shots – romantic and picturesque. At times, it can be challenging taking a good shot along the windy but beautiful East shores of Oahu, Hawaii. The bride is tilting down toward the direction of the wind so her hair won’t get in the groom’s face. Overcast sky provide soft lighting in this shot as the Hawaiian sun stays up high most of the day with very hash light.” 

If you loved this beach kiss photo be sure to check out more work from Sieber Studio!

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