A warm, SnapKnot welcome to the Kyle and Ashley McComb, are husband and wife team who together, make up McComb Photography. This pair, based out of Phoenix Arizona, go above and beyond to capture awesome wedding photos, and truly strive to attain that “wow” factor.

“If we were to describe our style, I would tell you that we love photos that make a statement. We want people to say ‘WOW’ when they look at a picture of one of our brides. But, of course, we’re suckers for a romantic scene as well. Every couple is different and we thrive on showing their personalities through our work.”

Awesome Wedding Photos from McComb PhotographyAwesome Wedding Photos from McComb PhotographyKyle and Ashley have three daughters, and are already saving up for the multiple weddings they will be paying for in about 25 years! Their top priority? The photographer. It may seem common sense that would feel this way, considering it is their profession, but the couple wants great wedding photographers for their children for more than the obvious reason. Ashley explains:

“Once the cake is eaten, the food is gone, and the music is over, what is left of the day? Photographs. They take you back to that moment and the way you felt that day. I’m not saying this as a photographer. I’m saying this as a former bride who had other priorities and skimped on photography. It was probably the biggest regret of my life.”

It is partly this reason that Ashley became a wedding photographer. After finding her outlet in photographing her children, she realized how silly she had been when planning her own wedding. She vowed to never let another bride make the same mistake! Ashley and Kyle truly believe in marriage and love nothing more than documenting the beginning of that journey for other couples.

Awesome Wedding Photos from McComb PhotographyIMG_0105-2Some fun facts about this dynamic duo? Ashley was a first chair violinist until she was 15, when she dropped out to become a cheerleader, and Kyle used to ride motocross and has torn both ACLs multiple times. Another fun tidbit is that they both love Starbucks. Not only for their coffee, but for their business principals and the feeling you get when you walk into one of their stores. Their goal is to give couples a similar experience when they work with them. (Does that mean they’ll bring the java?)

Actually, yes. Ashley and Kyle insist on taking their couples out for coffee to get to know them and hear about their upcoming event. They don’t want there to be any questions on the day of the wedding, so they take pride in walking couples through everything, from beginning to end.

Brides who use the promo code “SnapKnot13” will receive $500 off McComb Photography’s top package, $400 off their middle package, and $300 off their base package.

To see more awesome wedding photos from this talented pair, visit McComb Photography.

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