There is nothing we love more than awesome wedding photography! Today we have some great photos to show you. Fearless Photographers, which is a site dedicated to celebrating the world’s best wedding photography, just released their latest collection of awesome wedding photos and we are going to show you 10 of our favorites below. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Mathieu Louis-Seize

awesome wedding photography

Photo credit: Claudiu Negrea

awesome wedding photography

Photo credit: Erica Coffman

Photo credit: Mike Rodriguez

Photo credit: Ralf Czogallik

Nectar: Forever Guarantee

awesome wedding photography

Photo credit: Eugene Michel

Photo credit: Fabio Mirulla

Photo credit: Franck Boutonnet

Photo credit: Andreu Doz

Photo credit: Sanne De Block

See even more of the top wedding photos chosen on the Fearless Photographers website.

Here are a few more amazing wedding photography you need to see:

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