Does Your Child Say This? “That’s Boring!”

My youngest son recently took his very first ride on the big yellow bus. Just a few short weeks ago, I sent my five year old to kindergarten. He goes to school for the entire school day, two or three days per week. With all of this time in the classroom, my son still brings home homework in kindergarten.

Learn how to take good notes quickly–especially of what is written on the board. You are likely to find that many college math professors are not native English speakers. You may not always be able to understand what they say.

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Sixth grade introduces percentages and interest, concepts vital for comparing banks, investments, and shopping. At this age, the game can connect with a middle-school student’s intense interest in peer acceptance, i.e., shopping for clothes or electronics. Success on a math test involving interest can be interpreted as “Who can be the best shopper?” in order to make the studying fun. Go wherever you normally shop, and figure out sale prices. Open up a savings account with your son or daughter, and calculate simple interest. Graph paper can be a great help for online homework answers as messy calculations are often the cause of mistakes on tests. Students do not do their work neatly, and cannot find the answer amongst the mess.

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Yet, so many people are not homeworks answers willing to put forth just 2% more effort. They choose to watch TV instead of going to they gym. Or, they choose to go out with friends instead of working on the project that they really want to complete.

“This is so inappropriate” you think to yourself. “I should take this opportunity to teach my child how to converse appropriately.” But you know that if you don’t comply to your child’s wishes he’ll have a meltdown, and you’re busying making dinner, your two year old is crying because she’s hungry and your eldest needs help with her answers for homework. Disheartened, you continue the banter with your child, blaming yourself for not doing a better job.

I was recently reminded of the 2% rule as my daughter sat at our dining room table working on her homework help answers. Her assignment was to do the odd number problems on page 202.

The better schools and teachers will expect you to make some kind of commitment. Most busy teachers don’t have time to take on new students who just want to “Try it out” for a month or two. The accomplished teacher is certainly not going to “TRY” to teach you; he or she is committed to DOING IT, so you should come with the attitude that you are going to DO IT, too! Otherwise, invest your hard-earned time and money into something else.

It takes practice, but as you do your homework get in the habit of writing what you think as you do each problem. If you think a step, write it down and add an explanation to yourself. You are making this paper something you can use for review many weeks later.

Sixteen-year-old Amber frequently blows up at her mother with a few swear words mixed in when Mom confronts her about chores not done or excessive texting. Instead of arguing, Mom changes her tactic. She hears Amber out, repeats what Amber says (without “buts”). Then Mom supports Amber by making some understanding comments and changing the chore schedule to better meet Amber’s needs (feelings first). Then Amber’s told her cell phone will be taken away for two days for every swear word (hard knocks).

Some people can’t feel motivated if they don’t feel pain or a sense of desperation to do something. These would be times of need, when there is no other option but to work. This type of “urgency” gives a person a burst of energy to get things done. You can create pain by going back and remembering the painful consequences you had to deal with when you needed to get something done or if you don’t get something done such as getting yelled at by someone you’re afraid of or the feeling of living out in the streets and having no home.

They are your kids, and you are in charge. I am not suggesting that you begin second-guessing, questioning and criticizing your child’s teacher (please, don’t!). I am saying that if your child is struggling night after night with homework, if they are crying and fighting about doing homework, if your once rabid reader never picks up a book- put your foot down! Do something!

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