Meet Charlotte, North Carolina artistic wedding photographer Robert Christopher. New to the SnapKnot community, Robert Christopher Photography is opposite of new to the photography world. He has been photographing professionally for eleven years!

Tell us a bit about yourself: I am a lover of crime dramas, sci-fi, cooking, coffee, music, and traveling. In my spare time, I volunteer for various causes in the Charlotte area and mentor aspiring photographers in developing their photographic vision.

Why did you choose to become a photographer: I’ve loved photography since I was a kid. I payed with my dad’s 35mm until they bought me a Polaroid. I enjoy the creativity and ability to create a a strong visual story.

Who or what are some of your influences on either a personal or professional level: I am often moved by the things I see; I am rejuvenated by the pure spirit of people just being. I believe we all should just take a moment out of life to just pause and find serenity in what others find chaos.

It could just be as simple as something I see. I try to enjoy everyday moments I believe that our capability to love each other can be infinite. I saw this paper in a shop and had to take a photo of it because it perfectly described a motto and way of life I try to live. Part of reason I became a photographer was the ability to view beauty in many different forms. Whatever your reason for being a part of a photographic journey, I hope you find a way to express love.

What would you recommend for a couple just starting their search for a wedding photographer: First decide what your vision for your wedding is. That is, fifteen years from your wedding date when you are going through your wedding album, what do you want to see? Answer that question and make sure you find a wedding photographer who you feel confident can develop your vision

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