One of the most exciting things to do when planning your wedding is starting a registry. What is there not to like? You and your fiancé get to figure out what items you want people to purchase for you as you start your new life together. When thinking of where to register, have you considered Amazon? Here are some Amazon Wedding Registry reviews with my reasons why I think it is a great site to register with.

Life is busy. Your wedding guests are busy. Online shopping is easy and an online Amazon Wedding Registry can help with that. Being able to shop and purchase online will make it easy for your guests to purchase a gift for you without the hassle of  dealing with busy stores and traffic…and they can purchase the gifts anywhere, anytime!

amazon wedding registry reviews

What Are the Benefits of Having an Amazon Wedding Registry?

1. Amazon offers the world’s largest selection of gifts. Whether you are looking for electronics, houseware, cookware, linens, or photo albums, if you want it, Amazon has it. Amazon also offers many customer reviews on all products, so find what you are looking for and see what others who have purchased the same item has said.

2. Universal Registry Capability – Add what you want from any website to your Amazon Wedding Registry. Simply install the universal registry button to your browser and you can add those items easily with just the click of a button. What an easy way to keep track of everything you want, from ANY store, in one online location.

3. 10% Completion Gift – After your event, you will get a one-time coupon that gives you 10% off select Amazon items.

4. FREE Shipping – Both you and your guests will receive free shipping on any order over $35. Who doesn’t love some free shipping???

5. Familiarity – So many people throughout the world are already Amazon members so it is nice for your wedding guests to have the option to purchase a gift from a site, like Amazon, that they are familiar with or already have an account.

6. Shop Anytime – You and your fiancé can add to your registry anytime. Are you at work and want to do some browsing for possible wall decorations for your living room during your lunch hour? Or, are you having trouble sleeping because you keep thinking about other items you really should include on your registry and want to add those at 2 a.m.? No problem… you can login anytime of day or night. Same for your guests! If one of your guests are so busy before your wedding and no they will not have time to get out to a store and purchase you a gift, they can easily log in one even right before they fall asleep and purchase and ship your gift.

How Does The Amazon Wedding Registry Work Exactly?

Most of you are familiar with wedding registries. I have been to multiple outings to purchase a wedding gift for a friend or family member and I honestly do not enjoy the process at all. Once you get to the store, you have to wait in line at the registry counter to get the registry printed. (Every time I do this I feel like everyone else has a wedding gift to shop for at the same exact moment and the line is ridiculously long!) Then you wander aimlessly around the store trying to find the item you want to buy that has the same barcode as listed on the registry. Most of the time, I can NEVER find the exact item I want, or they are out-of-stock and they tell me I need to order online. Then, if you choose to have them gift wrap it for you (which I always do because it is one last thing I have to remember to do) it takes them forever or you have a person who is the SLOWEST GIFT WRAPPER of all time.

All of this hassle for your wedding guests can be solved if you choose to use the amazing Amazon Wedding Registry!


Simply click here to create a new wedding registry. From there, it will ask to you login to a previous Amazon account, or create a new one if you do not yet have one. Amazon will then ask you a few questions about you and your fiancé, your wedding date, location, and specifics for where you would want your guests to ship any gifts purchased.

From there the fun begins and you can start adding gifts to your list. You can find items on Amazon to add or you can install the Universal Registry button to your browser so you can add items from anywhere on the web to your registry. You can get the Universal Registry button here.

Once you register, be sure to let all your wedding guests know that you are registered on Amazon, and they will easily be able to find your account by using one of your first and last name’s and then can shop and purchase based on the items you have added.

amazon wedding registry reviews

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I hope this Amazon Wedding Registry review has been helpful for you.  Be sure to check out Amazon when you are considering where you should register. If you want to check it out, visit Amazon Wedding Registry.

Also, be sure to check out our post all about earning miles with your wedding registry and read about all the other great wedding finds you get purchase on Amazon.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!

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